5 hours ago
A photo of director Tom Malloy and myself on the set of the movie “Ask Me To Dance”. Guess what character I played? Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle. Tough role. Lol. #trickcandleproductions
2 days ago
RVD CBD is the best CBD cream that I’ve tried yet. It relieves aching pains from your muscles and joints. Order yours’ at #itstrue
2 days ago
Another satisfied Chxn Snx customer! Order your Chxn Snx and Snx Smart crispy protein bites at #itstrue
3 days ago
A rare photo with @drtomprichard and Dory Funk Jr, at the Funkin Dojo, during my first month of training in the WWE, in late 1998. Thanks to both for preparing me for my HOF career. Very grateful! #itstrue
4 days ago
My 1 and only match against the great Owen Hart. It was during my 1st year when I started training in the WWE. Owen passed incredible knowledge to me. #itstrue #RIPOwen



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