Knowing What is Truly Important

You can rebound from anythingI’ve had quite a ride in my 48 years on this planet. I’ve done some great things, and I’ve done things that I’m not too proud of. But I’ve learned through experience why I’ve had those successes and disappointments.

When I was focused on good things, such as God, family and career goals (working hard to be successful and to make my family proud), it brought out the best in me. But when I became selfish and self-destructive, I did shameful things that ultimately ruined my relationships and my reputation. In those times, I also learned that you can rebound from ANYTHING.

During the times when I was at my best, I was focused on what is important: being a role model. I’ve always wanted to be a role model and to make a difference in this world. When I developed some bad habits, I became self-absorbed and wasn’t thinking about being a role model for anyone.

Most of us go through life knowing that we are going to sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. But I believe that when you focus on what is truly important, you will always make the right decisions, whether you succeed or not. Your purpose is to stay positive and focus on what will make you, and everyone around you, a better person.

So stay focused on the good things. That’s all you can do. But do it!!!! In the end, you will become a role model for somebody. That’s what’s truly important. It’s true!!


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