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Facebook Fan Q & A 7/27

Who is the wrestler that reminds you of yourself?  I have yet to see a wrestler that has reminded me of myself. There is a lot of great talent out there. Is there another Kurt Angle?? Not yet. But there are tremendous talents in the business.

Who was a tougher opponent according to you , in terms of in-ring skills – Brock Lesnar or Stone Cold Steve Austin?  Lesnar and Austin. Who was tougher? That’s a difficult question. Austin was aggressive and physical. He was always pressing me. Lesnar is a beast, an animal, a rare breed. They dominated in different ways. Both are rugged. But who frightens me more? Lesnar

What does a weekly workout routine look like for you?  It’s simple: 4 days of weight training and 3 days of hard cardio. I train every day, but no longer than an hour. This is nothing compared to my 10 hour days of training for the Olympics, but it works for me.

Who was your favorite pro-wrestler when you were growing up?  Ironically, I didn’t watch pro-wrestling until I signed with WWE; but who did I know of and respect growing up? Bruno Sammartino.

How are you feeling since your neck surgery?  I’m doing ok from my neck surgery. I had complications but I should be ready to go by early September.

What is your favorite cheat food? My favorite cheat foods are any desserts: Cakes, pies, ice cream. I try not to eat them much, but I love them!

What is your work out routine like? I saw in a interview that Stone Cold said your cardio was amazing! What kind of work outs do you do for that.  Nowadays, I only run 3-4 miles a day, but I run fast. I do hill sprints as well. It works for me, so I never get tired when I wrestle.

If you could travel anywhere you’ve never been, where and what would you do?   I would love to go to the Holy Land and see where Jesus lived and walked. That would be my #1.

Do you know who keeps stealing ONE sock from my dryer? The sock monster! He got me a few times too. Sneaky bastard!

What is your favorite Mexican food?  Really?? Burritos. With lots of beef!

Facebook Fan Q & A 7/3

How could you keep a straight face with you, Stone Cold, and Vince in the back when singing to Mr mcmhan?  It was difficult. Vince told us not to laugh until he yelled “cut”. We held it in long enough to get each one done. It was all improvisation. So much fun!

Is your upcoming surgery next week your most dangerous one yet and are you nervous for it? God bless!  It’s a surgery I need done to remove a tumor that I’ve had for 12 years. The tumor started to block certain nerves to my arms. Praying for a speedy recovery. 4-6 weeks.

You’re a great father, how much did your own father influence you in wrestling?  My father didn’t influence me into wrestling, my brothers did. They all wrestled so I was kind of forced into it, but my Dad was my #1 fan and supporter. He was at every single event I had until he passed when I was 16. He was always supportive, even when I didn’t do so well.

My sons been wrestling since he was 5 now 12. He has the drive, discipline and hunger for it. My question is: is there a way to drive the point home how important it is for him to keep his head up? Something he struggles with it and prefers looking at hands or feet.  Try to get him to focus on opponent’s hips. Wherever they go his opponent goes. So looking down isn’t bad, just not so far down that he’s looking at feet. Do NOT look at head or face…hips only. Best of luck!!

What’s your top 3 favorite American meals?  Pizza…hamburgers…sirloin steak. Is pizza American? LOL.

What’s your max on the bench press?  Most ever was 400. I’m not a strong upper body guy…legs and hips got me my GOLD, but I wasn’t weak either. Lol. I don’t bench press anymore, I do more toning and maintainence.

What would be the best advice you can give someone just starting to get in shape and get more healthy?  Working out is great; it’s a must, but diet is 90 percent of the fight. Be sure to get on a proper diet for your routine and stick with it.

What compels you to interact with your fans so freely?  I like interacting with my fans. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love to do. I am grateful and blessed.

Looking forward to London Comic Con Kurt? I’ve got a photoshoot booked with you for Sunday. I’ll be the dude with the loud shorts and shirt on.  Any particular pose you hate doing in these kinds of things? I’ve never had a photoshoot with a celeb before and don’t wanna piss off an Olympic Champion lol. I’m easy my friend. Just don’t put me in the ankle lock..Lol. See U soon!

Facebook Fan Q & A 6/26

I am always working 6 out of 7 days in the week. Everyday I feel tired, sore, fatigued. What are some good regimes I can do to get my energy up and get active again? The only thing that could help you at this point is stretching and yoga. They both give you an energy lift so you can train even harder. Try it. Good luck.

If you could pick you opponent for your retirement match who would it be? My retirement match would be Daniel Bryan. He’s so polished in the ring. I just don’t know if it’s possible. But I’d Love it!

Did you want to face the Undertaker at wm 22 and break the streak instead of facing him at no way out? Undertaker at Mania was only a thought that Undertaker came up with. I would have preferred him at Mania. Not to break the streak, but for the respect I have for him. At that point in his career, he didn’t have that “Mania Match” he always wanted. But he did after WM 22. Shawn Michaels, HHH. So I’m happy he got the mania matches he deserved.

Besides wrestling ,your family, gym time what else do you like to do or does that consume your time? I absolutely Love movies. I Love them all. Comedies. Dramas. Action.

If you had to re-live one match in your career, which one would it be? Brock Lesnar Mania 19. But I’d prefer to be healthy instead of injured. And for Brock to complete the shooting star. Lol

During your Olympic career, what was your favorite artist to listen to when you trained? I listened to the Vision Quest movie soundtrack. Awesome motivator. Journey, Dan Henley, Lunatic Fringe. Classic.

What is it like performing in front of millions of people, you have been on the grandest stage of them all, and that’s only a dream for people like me, so what’s the kinda a feeling like for you? You don’t really think about it, you can’t…you just do it. You have to have nerves of steel, it’s very nerve wracking. The best feeling is when you’re finished and u know u delivered a classic. But it still doesn’t compare to receiving my gold medal. It’s true!

Is there one goal you haven’t accomplished yet in wrestling or in your personal life? I want to pursue acting and get the art form down pat. I always loved acting and its next for me.

How does it feel to help out and push the younger guys of Impact Wrestling especially EC3 since he won the TNA Title from you? Helping the young guys is what it’s all about, especially helping them to have classics like match of the night…match of the year. My match with EC3 was very challenging and very rewarding. Knowing I can still put on the 5 stars makes me feel very valuable.

After winning the gold in the 96 Olympics, who or what inspired you to become a professional wrestler instead of continuing with your Olympic career? I decided I wanted to do something else, something athletic and entertaining.  I love both of those characteristics together. The Rock and Stone Cold were my inspirations at the time.

Facebook Fan Q & A 6/15

Who do you think is the new Kurt Angle in WWE?   There isn’t a new Kurt Angle. Don’t think there ever will be. But as far as talent, there’s plenty there. I Love Bryan, Rollins, Ambrose, Ziggler, Wyatt, Rusev, Cesaro and Barrett. There are others too, but Orton has been a level above. He has a “real” factor about him. Cena still produces 4-5 star matches consistently above the others, ever since Bryan got hurt. The great thing is nobody has to be Kurt Angle. They’re making names for themselves.

Given your well documented neck issues, has there ever been a time when you have considered walking away from Wrestling? If so, what kept you here?  I’ve never considered quitting. I won’t unless I can’t produce 5 star quality matches. I will never become a shell of myself. I have to have the best match on the card, as long as I am given the chance.

Kurt, you’re looking buffer than usual.  Have you been working out a lot? I’ve been dieting better. I gained weight after I stopped with the medication and alcohol I was consuming. They say it’s normal due to replacing food with the drug, but I have it under control now. You can train all u want, but diet is 99 percent of it. High protein, low carbs and fat.

What do you do to help you keep up with the gruesome schedule of being a professional wrestler?  I no longer travel and wrestle 250 to 300 times a year. I wrestle a much reduced schedule. It’s kept me healthier. 40 dates is my amount for the whole year.

What is the best advice you can give a young indy wrestler?  Limit your bumps. I know it’s tough but if you want a nice, long career, you need to save yourself. You only have so many bumps in you. Then you’re done! Limit them

What are your 3 favourite movies? Rocky, Shawshank Redemption and Christmas Vacation. Jurassic Park is a close 4th. Pretty versatile, huh?

What’s the most scared you have been in the ring?  I’ve never been scared, not of my opponent or even the match. I have only feared for others who wrestled me: Bob Holly, when I broke his arm in 2000 or 2001, and Brock Lesnar, when he hit the shooting star press at Mania 19.  Those moments terrified me. Pro Wrestling is all about safety and when things go wrong, it really frustrates and terrifies you.

What was your first job, and how long did you do it for?  What is a job? Never had one… Lol. I guess I did, in 1997 as a sports caster. It wasn’t a typical 9-5, and it lasted 8 months. I’m not sure I’d enjoy that. I’ve always trained my whole life, I’ve been physical in many ways, that’s what I like. Olympics, Pro Wrestling….I enjoy that. But, I did get a great college education.  I did it so I had something to fall back on.

What words would you give to achieve more and better?  It’s ok to make mistakes. Challenge yourself…take chances. If they don’t work out, learn from them. Use them to make you better and don’t regret them. I’ve made so many mistakes, but it’s made me the man I am today and I love who I am. The Christian, the husband, the father, the friend. I am real. And I love being me!

What do you think is the funniest segment/promo you have ever done?  Are you kidding, where do I start? The stuff with Edge and Christian, the stuff with Stone Cold, the battle raps with Cena, the Love triangle with HHH and Steph….nobody was as entertaining as I was…at least not as funny;-) The creative team was great, they had so many things that made me stand out. I loved coming to work each week. Those were the days.

Facebook Fan Questions 05/15

Who is/was your favorite person to work with?  My fave in TNA is Bobby Roode or Lashley…great chemistry. But Eric Young has really stepped it up.

If you could have a match with anyone again who would it be? The 1 person I’d love to wrestle would be Daniel Bryan. He’s so technically sound. Love his work.

Do you see yourself in the WWE HOF? I see HOF induction in WWE someday. Would it kill me not to be? No. I know how great I am and was. Don’t need WWE to tell me that.

Favorite cartoon growing up? Fave cartoon growing up was Looney tunes. Bugs and Daffy are my heroes.

Out of all the wrestlers you’ve faced, who do you think was the most underrated?  The most underrated wrestler I’ve faced would have to be Chris Daniels or Kazarian. They are pros and always good for business.

Who is your dream Opponent? Bret Hart. He was everything a wrestler should be. Love his work.

Facebook Fan Q&A ~May 5th

Why don’t you open a wrestling school in Pittsburgh? I am opening a wrestling school this year for amateur wrestlers. I want to train the next Olympic Champion out of western Pennsylvania. I’m considering a pro school in the future, but my focus is on Olympic Style for now.

How did you decide for the “ankle lock” to be your finisher at the start of your career? I started using the ankle lock when Ken Shamrock retired from WWE. I loved his intensity and he was as intense as I am. Shamrock is a bad ass and I liked his character in WWE.

Favorite Comic Book heroes? If you could be in a comic book movie, which one, why? I’m a huge fan of Captain America, probably because I love my country so much. I felt like Captain America when I won Gold in the Olympics. A close 2nd is Incredible Hulk, because I grew up watching Lou Ferrigno as “the Hulk”.

Who was the best technical wrestler you ever shared a match with? My best opponents technically have been Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels,  AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. But there are so many other great wrestlers that are amazing to wrestle and their technique is sound.

Would you ever consider a movie career? I’m in in the process of moving to my acting career. I love performing. I just signed with APA, one of the best agencies, so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Where are your favorite crowds to perform in front of? My favorite crowds are in so many cities for many reasons, but NYC appears to have the best group of fans. Boston, Chicago, LA, Philly, Montreal, Toronto, London England and Tokyo Japan are all incredible. A surprising city is San Antonio. But there are so many other cities that are passionate. Pro Wrestling is blessed to have such an amazing following. My hometown of Pittsburgh is pretty awesome too.

What move did you use do win the gold medal? I used many moves but the real technique was to get my opponents tired and not make any mistakes. U need to wrestle flawlessly if ur gonna win gold.

Who was the first person to refer to you as a cyborg and is it true its because of your work ethic in the gym/on the mat? The other wrestlers in TNA gave me my nickname, Cyborg because I never fatigue and I bounce back from injury quickly. I kind of like it. I’ve always been known to wear out my opponents.

Do have a pre match ritual or a series of things you do to prepare for a match? Yes I do, I pray first for the safety of the wrestlers and to give my very best. I stretch thoroughly and then visualize what my match will look like.

Facebook Fan Questions~04/17

Have you ever considered having your own school to train amateur and professional wrestlers?  ~ Yes I am. I’m starting a wrestling school with my family this year. Age groups are 6-17 years old. It’s strictly amateur wrestling. Going back to my roots.

Did you ever get offered to go back to the Olympics or coach? ~ I have been offered coaching jobs. Olympics pre Olympic and college. I Love to coach but I feel my gift is with younger talent. Kids. Developing them into champions.

I’ve always wondered, how did you break your neck? ~ I first broke my neck in 1996 during Olympic qualifier. I was thrown on to my head. I had to continue wrestling through the trials not knowing it was broken. When I found out it was broken, I still had to compete at Olympics. The rest is history.

You think you would have had a good chance as an UFC fighter 10 years ago? ~  talked to Dana White of UFC twice, in 2006 and in 2010. Unfortunately we could not come to terms. It was more my doing than his. Dana was very generous to me. I just felt that I needed more time to train before I competed.

Favorite Primanti sandwich? ~ My favorite Primanti’s Sandwich is anything that entails fries, cole slaw and the is amazing bread. Any of the sandwiches are great. I mix it up.

Can you say that you make your next life all the same things like in this life? Are you 100 % proud of your life? ~ I am proud of my life. My accomplishments. There are things I regret but if I didn’t make the mistakes I did, I wouldn’t be the man I am. I learned from the good and bad. I Love the life I have now

Did you come up with the three I’s? ~  Intensity integrity intelligence. I did not come up with the 3 I’s. I Believe it was Vince Mcmahon’s idea. I heard he got it from a TV show with Michael J Fox

Would you be willing to train people to wrestle? ~ I would Love to train others to wrestle, both pro and amateur. I will start with amateur this year. Someday I will help others learn the craft of pro wrestling. There’s nobody better than me from every perspective. Technique psychology etc…. I’m Blessed to have the ability to teach others.

Fan Questions from Facebook


Q: Y don’t u grow your hair back?
A: I can’t. Most of it is gone. Lol!

Q: Favorite Bobs Sub in Clarion?
A: Bob’s Subs wasn’t there when I was…I don’t think. Go clarion!!

Q: Favorite sports venue here in the burgh?
A: Heinz Field. Go Steelers!

Q: I went to Clarion also! Did you ever have a poorman’s caramel apple during ALF?
A: No, where do you get them? A certain place? Go Eagles!

Q: What is your biggest regret in your wrestling career?
A: I have no regrets. I’ve done everything I wanted to and more.

Q: Kurt – what was your most embarrassing moment while getting timed in the 40 yard dash?
A: Very funny my friend. Let’s just say it was a slow time because my “@&@@” kept falling out of my pants

Q: I just wanna know…… Are you satisfied with your accomplishments at this point in your life as a professional wrestler?
A: I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished. I’m still learning but as long as it’s fun, I will keep at it.

Q: What was your main inspiration to become a sports entertainer ( pro wrestler ) after winning Gold in 1996, seeing that Olympic wrestling and Sports Entertainment are worlds apart in the grand scheme of things?
A: My inspiration to join pro wrestling was the attitude era. The athletes and entertainment they gave to the world. I wanted to be a part of that.