Facebook Fan Q&A 1/22/16

Would you think that Goldberg would ever make a full comeback? Goldberg is an animal. He could return if he chose to. But I think he may be retired. Who knows? 1 more match would be nice. Goldberg vs Angle

What move in the ring did you enjoy least being done on you and which was the one you enjoyed executing the most? DDT’s always make me nervous. But I’m game for anything. RVD’s frog splash is a tough one. Rob’s a big boy and he can jump high. I don’t think there’s a move that someone had inflicted on me that I enjoy the most. That’s like saying “I love to get my ass kicked” Lol

Which TV series would you love to have a regular or recurring role in? And as for the person imitating you, has anybody checked on the whereabouts of Charlie Hass? He has previous form for this impersonation thing! LOL! Are U kidding? Walking Dead. I would whip some zombie ass. I will have to check on Charlie Haas. lol

How did you come to naming your son Kody (spelling and reasoning)?  I wanted my kids to have the same first initial as I do. Kyra, Kody. That’s why I did it. I also like the name Kody 🙂

Which run as a GM did you like the best?  I enjoyed both of them but I displayed more depth as Smackdown manager. Good stuff!

How do you feel about these wrestlers with 3+ years entering novice tournaments?  Novice means beginning. Regardless of age, novice should only entail 1st or 2nd year wrestlers. Talk to the tournament director. It’s not fair!

Do you plan on marking your departure from Impact Wrestling in any way?  I would love to sit down and have a nice dinner with all of them and talk about our incredible moments in TNA. That would be nice. Nothing planned though.

Are you looking forward to the London film Comic Con in July and do you have any funny meeting fans moments? Finally Comic Con in the UK! I had to postpone last year. I’m looking forward to it. As far as funny moments, why don’t you think if something funny and we’ll do it together? #comicconintheUK

Did you feel bad for Shane o Mac when you had to keep trying to belly to belly him through the glass at King Of The Ring? I do now but back then Shane kept telling me “do it again you P#ssy!” So Shane got what he asked for. Crazy bastard.

Will you be writing another autobiography?—Perfectly timed question. I just started on it. My new book will be out probably late 2017.

Did you find who it was who send that glitter in that envelope?  No, but if you find out, tell me. I will gladly Angle Slam his ass. Twice!!!!!

There have been rumors of rumors that we might be seeing you at the royal rumble could you lay these rumors to rest for us?  No Rumble. I’m still in TNA until February 1st. Just to put rumors to rest!

Any advice and encouragement for a friend of mine who’s a young amateur wrestler from the Pittsburgh area?  Nick and Bobbi, Enjoy these moments now, they don’t last long. Make it fun for Nick. No pressure. Let Nick find his rhythm and he will develop nicely. Limit the matches to 3-4 tournaments a year until he gets into middle school. Don’t burn him out young. Good luck!!


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