Facebook Fan Q&A 12/11/15

What WWE superstar really pushed you to bring out your very best?  Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit. Both of them were incredible “wrestlers”. They weren’t stunt men, although they could do just about anything. I could really utilize my amateur style with these two. And they both were very intense. They were on another level specifically on their ability to keep up with my attack.

Do you think that Triple H should take over the WWE?  Yes. HHH has really grown into the position as the new man in charge. He’s Always understood the business. And he’s done a fantastic job in NXT. So yes he could very much run the whole company someday and do it very well.

What is your favorite Eddie Guerrero memory?  Wrestlemania 20. When Eddie loosened his boot and slipped out of my ankle lock. It was brilliant. Eddie was one of the absolute best performers ever. He had it all. RIP Eddie

Besides wrestling, what was your dream job when you were a kid?  My dream job was ALWAYS about sports. Football, Wrestling, Baseball. I wanted to be just like my sports idols, but my parents had different plans for me. They wanted me to get a great education so they moved me to Mt Lebanon township, the top academic school in the state at the time. I understood that education would help me go further in life. So I focused on sports and education. From that point I decided that if I didn’t win a gold medal or play pro football, I would become a teacher and coach. That became my dream job.

Did you manage to get some fish and chips when in UK, what was your favourite dish while over here?  Yes, my wife and I enjoyed all of the food in the UK. It seems more “homemade” and fresher. We had the fish and chips quite a few times so I can’t pick which one was better….LOL.

What are the fundamental necessary skills to become a pro wrestler? There’s more to pro wrestling than being able to wrestle. You also need to cut a great promo. To have a character fans can relate to in a positive or negative way. But the most important thing is psychology. Telling a story during your wrestling match. When it’s done properly It makes a very simple match extraordinary.

What was your favorite SmackDown moment in which you were involved?  Probably my 1 hour ironman match with Lesnar. It was a very trying time for me. My sister passed the night before and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. So I dedicated the match to her. That’s why it was so special.

What are your holiday plans?  Our plans are to spend time with the whole family. It’s been a difficult year for the Angles, but we are a strong family. So we will celebrate each other and what we have been blessed with, regardless of the difficult year we’ve had ????

What is your favorite title run you had in your career and for what reason?  My first title in WWE, beating the Rock, and getting the opportunity to defend the title against legends like Austin, Taker, HHH, and many others was exciting for me.

If you could, would you be a Jedi or a Sith?  I’m a little bit uneducated in the Star Wars department, I don’t even know what a Jedi or Sith is….LOL. BUT, ironically, my wife is forcing me to watch the Star Wars movies and we are going to see the new one coming out this month. Who knows? I may become a fanatic by the new year???

What are your favorite things to do for the Christmas season?  Putting up the decorations and watching my wife and kids open their gifts from Santa Claus. It’s the most satisfying thing I’ve ever experienced.


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