Facebook Fan Q&A 1/13/16

Which brand’s underwear is your favorite ?  Hanes Underwear – if it’s good enough Michael Jordan, it’s good enough for me…lol.

Back in the day “Ming” was considered to be one of the most intimidating guys in the locker room. People walked on egg shells around him. Out of the TNA and WWE rosters who is that guy now in your opinion?  Ming is was and always will be the man. He was so tough and he wouldn’t hesitate to bite your thumb off or gouge out your eye. That’s what separates him from the Angles’ and Lashleys’ of the world. In other words I personally couldn’t do that, and I don’t think Lashley would either. But Ming was such a badass…everyone respected him. The other toughest badasses that compare to Ming today are Undertaker and Lesnar. And yes, they would bite your thumb off if given the chance. Beware of anything to occur when Ming is near!!!!

Your thoughts on the current state of wrestling/sports entertainment, especially with how WWE is plummeting the ratings/ crowd attendance?  Nobody can compare to WWE but there are many televised companies out there. NXT, Tna, ROH, Lucha underground, NJPW, and soon GFW. That’s a lot of wrestling. A lot to choose from. It’s being a bit diluted but the reason for that is there is so much talent out there…probably more than ever, you can’t deny that. Wrestling appears to be on an upswing, but we won’t see the upswing in ratings for at least a year. Fans need to be patient and settle in to what they truly like. All shows are different, but WWE will always carry the load. They have everything, money, power, creativeness, and talent. I think the ratings will eventually go up for some of these smaller companies as well, but WWE will be the monster, and it’s ultimately up to them to make wrestling even more mainstream. I think they will, and I think the Tna’s and others will be the alternative. There needs to be options out there.

Who was your favorite wrestler to do comedy bits with?  Mick Foley was my favorite. So funny. He is what I enjoyed watching. My favorites to work with for comedy were Edge and Christian. And Stone Cold…Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care, I got Olympic Gold!  LOL

What do you think of Sting getting into the WWE hall of fame?  If anybody deserves HOF it’s Sting. He was the man for so long and he still is. He could do it all!!!! He was the most cooperative person to work with. Of all the things I learned from him, I learned to be humble and never greedy. He’s a role model for everybody.

Which wrestler in the WWE or NXT at the moment makes you excited for the future of the business ?  Gable and Jordan. They’re incredible. Also Balor, and if given the chance, Samoa Joe. They’re all breakthrough stars. There’s more down there that I can talk about but I will leave it at that.

Did you enjoy working with Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin? Yes. They were like sponges, picking everything up so quickly. I enjoyed teaming up with them. Charlie was a technician and Shelton was a super athlete. Team Angle was the sh#t. It ended too quickly.

How was it being in the ring against Drew Galloway last night on Impact Wrestling?  Remember that Drew is still very young. His ability to be the best is obvious. Drew is exceptional and he will go down in history as one of the all time greats. He’s destined for it. I enjoyed tearing the house down with him.

What is the best way for youth wrestlers to build muscle?  Under 12. Isometrics- push ups, pull ups, squats with no weight. Core training. 12 and over: weight training, core training and power movements- Squats, power cleans. And plenty of protein for all of them. Double of protein for each pound they weigh!

What was the most random thing you saw when you visited Glasgow (Scotland)?  It’s not quite random, but the best thing I saw in Scotland was the Castle. Edinburgh Castle. Wow! Nothing I’ve seen compares to the beauty of it.

What’s the hardest thing you have had to do in your career?  Winning Gold with a broken neck. For pro wrestling: wrestling the beast Lesnar in an Ironman match. He’s an animal!!

What you think of the rumors that Daniel Bryan is set to be released next week from the WWE?  It’s disappointing if it’s true. Daniel never got to see his peak in WWE. I hope he continues somewhere else if that’s what he truly wants.


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