Facebook Fan Q&A 12/31/15

If you could have a farewell tour and pick your last ten opponents, who would you pick? That’s tough. So many great ones. Bryan, Rollins, Cesaro, Rusev, Lesnar, Taker, EC3, Lashley, Roode, and Young. I have a few more but that’s 10.

You’ve had a lot of great classic matches. Are there any that you think are under appreciated?  Undertaker No Way Out 2006. Anderson cage match in TNA. Those 2 were some of my best matches but many fans don’t mention them. The psychology was off the chart with these matches!

Are you a fan of hardcore wrestling or do you prefer to have/watch standard matches?  I’m not a fan of hardcore. I can do it, but I prefer to wrestle. I’m a wrestler. It’s my best weapon.

Why you were named Kurt?  My father was German. He liked the name Kurt. That’s all I know about why they named me that:-)

What is the one movie you can watch anytime?  Rocky. It’s such an inspiring story of an underdog that reached greatness. I’ve lived my whole life by that movie.

My youngest (4) has been doing well in tournaments, we want him to compete in states, but were wondering if we should wait till next year, would like to hear your thoughts.  Take it easy on him…he’s 4. If you rush him early, he won’t enjoy the sport when he gets older. Wrestlers only have a short window of time where they can continue to grow and improve and ENJOY the sport. Don’t rush him. Skip this year from States.

Who had the greatest influence/impact on your life?  My brothers. I have 4 older brothers and they excelled in sports. I always wanted to be like them. Because of them, I became a world class athlete. My brother Eric is 1 year older than me. I always chased him. I HAD to beat him and eventually I became better than him. It was because of my desire to be like my brothers.

When Daniel Puder put an MMA hold on you, were you genuinely angry or was it part of it?  Daniel had me in a tight arm bar. Unfortunately it was a wrestling competition and I pinned him. He could have broken my arm if it lasted 20 more seconds, but it wasn’t an MMA competition it was wrestling. Daniel is a tough kid. I was never mad at him. I just told him he was a dummy because he pinned himself when he was trying to break my arm. I was never angry with him.

Which two stars would you get to wrestle one another and get the crowd talking after the match?  Wow! I can’t pick just 2 stars but I’d love to see Angle vs Bryan. Fans will be talking for years. Lol.

If Jimmy cracked the corn, would you care?  I would care. Because I care very much about Jimmy. Jimmy was a big part of my alliance with Stone Cold. But I think Austin doesn’t care much about Jimmy. Lol

What is your New Years resolution?  My New Years resolution is to help as many people as I can with the knowledge I’ve accrued over the years. I enjoy speaking to people about life experiences. I have many speeches coming up this year.

Who was your toughest technical wrestling opponent: Benoit, Guerrero, Lashley, or Lesnar?  Wow…they were all incredible! It’s tough to pick between them, but Benoit and I had the most amazing chemistry. It was magic every time we wrestled. Some of the greatest matches ever! If you don’t believe me watch Royal Rumble 2003 when I wrestled Benoit for the world title. “Standing Ovation” that never happens!


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