What’s your motivation?

What's your motivation? -Kurt Angle Official BlogWhat is your motivation? What makes you want to succeed at whatever your heart is calling you to do? Is it money? Fame? Your family? To leave a legacy? GOD? All of the above?

To be successful at something, especially if you want to be the best, takes a lot of hard work.

My motivation has always been GOD first. Does that make me a Saint? Hell no! But, I firmly believe that GOD put me on this earth to do something incredible. We are ALL here to accomplish something. Hard work and dedication is what makes it work.

When you are shooting for something great, I can tell you that the journey there won’t always be enjoyable. With Olympic wrestling, it was a love/hate relationship. It was so damned hard on me mentally, physically, and spiritually, but I wanted to be the best in the world and nothing would stop me from that, not even injuries (i.e. my “broken freakin neck” among others). I was also a great student, but I didn’t enjoy studying (who does???).

So if you’re motivated by GOD, family, money (Is this so bad? No, as long as it’s legal…LOL), fame, or something else, at least you’re motivated and that’s not a bad thing.

Just remember that GOD put you here to do great things! So, make sure that you’re motivated to accomplish something in your life, then give it all you have. And when you succeed, remember to give back or help someone else along the way (nobody does great things all on their own, it takes a team!), and it will make your success that much sweeter. Oh it’s damn true!!!!


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