Facebook Fan Q&A 3/30/16

I live in Barcelona, I am training to be a pro wrestler and I am British, I have only been training 2 months but I have picked it up super quick (already had a match in training) and I wanted to know what your advice would be if my goal is to work for WWE (24yrs 190lbs 5″10/5″11)? Get consistent matches in the next 2-3 years. Make sure you work with anyone more experienced than you. Listen to them and follow their lead. A good leader starts with being a good follower. It’s going to take some time but be patient!

Are you worried about the future of Olympic wrestling since the removal of its “core sport” status by the Olympic Committee? It was initially cancelled for the 2020 games, but it actually gained approval votes as a non-core sport, and will have to continue to do so every four years. To me, it’s a travesty. But, things can always change.  As long as wrestling follows all of the rules of the IOC it should be fine. It will be around forever. Wrestling was kind of a rebel in the past. They did whatever they wanted. But now they need to abide by the IOC rules. It will be here forever. I hope!

Give me a couple of movements you do in your back workout. Something you do that may be different from most. I need to change mine up a little. Thanks. I don’t do anything different, but I go light weight and very strict. My movements are slow and steady. That will help you!

I am on the autistic spectrum (Asperger’s), and I am a 17-year-old senior in high school, I’m only saying this because I believe I read that your son has autism, I’m sorry if I’m wrong. My question is, what’s your son’s favorite match of you? Yes, my son Kody is on the spectrum. He’s very smart. He has learned how to read and write and he will have a normal life. He loves wrestling. He loves all of my matches, but my match with Shawn Michaels is his favorite.

What’s the most insane move you have done? Moonsault off the cage. Many times. But I won’t be doing that anymore. Lol.

Do you think the Kurt you are now could beat the you from back in the day? Hell no. I was an animal. I’m 47 now. Before I injured my neck in 2003, I was unstoppable. I had a few years where my neck kept getting injured. But now my neck is healthy, I can still mix it up in the ring pretty well….. Still. But not like I was in 1996-2003.

What was your dream car as a kid? If no dream car, what was your first car? Bat Mobile !!! Lol.

I am wondering how you altered your diet to look even leaner? Consistency and no cheat days. Diet is scientific. All calories count. Even on cheat days. If you “cheat” do it at 1 meal. Not all day. It will help.

No way out 2001 you had a huge botch 3 count at the end of the match. What actually happened? The ref counted 3 at the wrong time. It happens sometimes. But he’s still a great ref. We all make mistakes.

Do you prefer a steak or a burger? Steak. I stay away from bread, but I love burgers.

Batman or Superman? This contradicts my previous answer to another question asking about my dream car as a kid, but I have to say Superman. He can fly and is made of steel. Just like me. Lol.


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