Remembering Mary Beth – a friend and an INSPIRATION

Remembering Mary Beth-Kurt Angle Official BlogAs I sat at the airport awaiting my flight to Phoenix to wrestle the great Rey Mysterio, I read an article about a woman that I knew while I was growing up, her name was Mary Beth, and her brothers were my best friends. I couldn’t help but once again, tear up over her story. This woman battled cancer for well over a decade and passed almost two years ago. The things that she endured were heart wrenching. Cancer was everywhere…her breasts, colon, liver, kidneys- everywhere!!!!!. It was in her blood, and the crazy thing is, she went into remission at least a dozen times. She THOUGHT she kicked cancer’s ass over and over again, only to see it come back in another part of her body and she NEVER complained. She loved life. She loved people. If I could be even a thousanth of a percent as unselfish as she was, I’d be considered a saint. But I’m not her, and I don’t know if I could ever be her. I mean, I’d love to be able to make people feel special the way she did, especially being as sick as she was, but someone like Mary Beth is too extraordinary. She was 1 in a trillion. I know that she wouldn’t have wanted to be remembered for her bravery throughout her battle, she would want to be remembered for how she made other people feel.

You see, Mary Beth’s body was physically destroyed by cancer, and she endured operations that cut her up from head to toe, but she never showed frustration. She always asked “how are YOU feeling?”. Not once did she ever tell me how horrible she felt. Because LIFE wasn’t about her, it was about how she could help others become better people. Mary Beth won many awards for her bravery and service and she never bragged to anyone about what she accomplished, because life to her was about how she could help the world one person at a time.

So Mary Beth, I’m not going to cry anymore or feel sorry for what you went through, because I know that you wouldn’t want me to. You knew that you were going to die, but you never once made anybody feel uncomfortable about what you had to endure. Thank you for being my inspiration. I love you Mary Beth. You have many down here on earth that feel the same way I do. And that…. Is true. It’s damn true!! GOD Bless!!!!


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