What’s important to you?

What's important to you?What’s important to you? Is it money? Fame? Success? Love? Your Faith? Many of us would say that most of these are important, but what if you could only choose one? Which would you choose? If I had to pick the most important thing to me, I would choose my Faith in GOD. Knowing there is life after death, leads me to strongly believe that this world is not the “end-all.” It’s only the beginning. Faith in life after death makes you accountable for your actions, not just here on Earth, but also up above.

There was a time in my life when I believed money and fame were the most important things in life. No matter how successful I was, or even how dark my life became, something always brought me back to my Faith in God. When I was on top of the world winning Gold in the Olympics, who did I thank first? My Lord Jesus Christ. When I was in the darkest place in my life, who did I turn to? My Lord! We all want good things to occur in our lives. Sometimes bad things occur, and we wonder why. Only God knows, and He has his reasons. Those reasons could be a valuable learning experience for us. Turmoil can pull you down fast, but if we use these circumstances to make us stronger, it can only benefit us in the end. So, when good things occur in your life, who will you thank? Your God? When bad things occur, who will you turn to for redemption? I hope your God! Always remember how valuable you are to your God. He loves you and He will never turn on you if you believe.

God will never let you stray. Give your life so much more meaning and join Him in His journey with you.


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