Facebook Fan Q & A 7/3

How could you keep a straight face with you, Stone Cold, and Vince in the back when singing to Mr mcmhan?  It was difficult. Vince told us not to laugh until he yelled “cut”. We held it in long enough to get each one done. It was all improvisation. So much fun!

Is your upcoming surgery next week your most dangerous one yet and are you nervous for it? God bless!  It’s a surgery I need done to remove a tumor that I’ve had for 12 years. The tumor started to block certain nerves to my arms. Praying for a speedy recovery. 4-6 weeks.

You’re a great father, how much did your own father influence you in wrestling?  My father didn’t influence me into wrestling, my brothers did. They all wrestled so I was kind of forced into it, but my Dad was my #1 fan and supporter. He was at every single event I had until he passed when I was 16. He was always supportive, even when I didn’t do so well.

My sons been wrestling since he was 5 now 12. He has the drive, discipline and hunger for it. My question is: is there a way to drive the point home how important it is for him to keep his head up? Something he struggles with it and prefers looking at hands or feet.  Try to get him to focus on opponent’s hips. Wherever they go his opponent goes. So looking down isn’t bad, just not so far down that he’s looking at feet. Do NOT look at head or face…hips only. Best of luck!!

What’s your top 3 favorite American meals?  Pizza…hamburgers…sirloin steak. Is pizza American? LOL.

What’s your max on the bench press?  Most ever was 400. I’m not a strong upper body guy…legs and hips got me my GOLD, but I wasn’t weak either. Lol. I don’t bench press anymore, I do more toning and maintainence.

What would be the best advice you can give someone just starting to get in shape and get more healthy?  Working out is great; it’s a must, but diet is 90 percent of the fight. Be sure to get on a proper diet for your routine and stick with it.

What compels you to interact with your fans so freely?  I like interacting with my fans. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love to do. I am grateful and blessed.

Looking forward to London Comic Con Kurt? I’ve got a photoshoot booked with you for Sunday. I’ll be the dude with the loud shorts and shirt on.  Any particular pose you hate doing in these kinds of things? I’ve never had a photoshoot with a celeb before and don’t wanna piss off an Olympic Champion lol. I’m easy my friend. Just don’t put me in the ankle lock..Lol. See U soon!


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