Stay Humble

Stay Humble- Kurt Angle Official BlogAre you confident? Perhaps over confident when things seem to go your way quite a bit? Some of us may not even notice it, but we all go through some kind of lucky streak once in a while.

I remember wrestling in college and basically, kicking ass all of the time (unless I was injured). I thought that I was unstoppable. It was then that I had my ass kicked by a World Champion Russian. To add insult to injury, he pulled out a smoke and puffed away 2 minutes after our match. Are you serious?? A smoker kicked my ass????? Yes, it’s true. It’s damn true. Seven years later, I got my redemption through hard work, patience, and learning humility.

I was good and I thought that I was unbeatable. NO ONE is unbeatable. I recall another match that I lost against a Russian that looked just like Homer Simpson…bald and fat. Geez that ticked me off! Those moments have made me realize that no matter what I accomplish in my life, I must always remain humble and grateful for everything that I have, no matter how much, or how little that is.
Staying humble also keeps me hungry to accomplish more in my life, it makes me appreciate my successes so much more.

No matter how well things are going, it can go bad in an instant. And no matter how bad things are, it can turn back around in a snap of the finger. Be humble…all of the time. It will make everything that you attain mean so much more to you. It’s true!


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