Second Chances

Second Chances- Kurt Angle Official BlogDo you have a friend or relative that consistently breaks promises…someone that disrespects your trust over and over again? Giving them a 2nd chance shows that you’re a forgiving person and most people should be given the opportunity. But…when you find yourself giving them 3, 4, 5 chances or more, then they aren’t the ones who have issues, with all due respect, you do!

When you continue to forgive the person and allow them to continuously disrespect you, you are the one to blame. You have to put a line in the sand and explain to them that it won’t occur anymore and then you cut them off until they change their ways!

If you continue to allow them to step all over you, you are an enabler. Whether it’s money, your car, a place to crash, or something else they want from you, they won’t stop unless you stop them. They will continue to lie and take advantage of you and will go as far as you let them. So smarten up and discontinue their behavior by cutting ties with them. In the long run, they may change. If not, they will focus their attention on someone else that will enable them. I know that this sounds horrible, but at least it’s not you anymore. Be strong. Draw the line and follow through. You will see the stress and the “horrible” people in your life go away. It’s damn true!


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