Facebook Fan Q&A 4/15/16

How was it filming WARRIOR? Incredible movie—It was fun but a lot of work. The director Gavin O’Connor was such a perfectionist that we must have done 1000s of hours shooting the fight scenes. But that’s what I expect from 1 of the best directors in the biz. I put him up there with Michael Bay. The cast was awesome. Tom Hardy, Joel Edggerton and Nick Nolte were pros and made me feel right at home.

What was your reaction to Sting announcing his retirement at the WWE Hall of fame ceremony? I think we all knew it would come eventually. I’m glad he was able to step into a WWE ring. He sealed his legacy as one of the very best ever!!!!

Could you take Chuck Norris? In 5 seconds but I’m sure Chuck would disagree…lol.

What type of actor would you be best at? Comedy, Horror, Action or something else? I like comedies. I have yet to do one. I’ve always felt comfortable doing comedy, especially in WWE. I’ve done a few action films, but I love comedy. Don’t we all?

What was your favorite match that you unfortunately lost? Wrestlemania 20 with Eddie. He was so talented, but Eddie always seemed to get over on me. #LieCheatSteal

What is your favorite era in the WWE – Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression Era? Hitting the tail end of the attitude era was lots of fun. Lots of comedy. But, the ruthless era was great too. That’s when my character changed into more serious mode. I loved them both but Austin and Rock and HHH were so much fun to work with in the Attitude Era.

What was your weirdest road story or smallest venue you have ever wrestled in? Weirdest road story? If you haven’t heard about it, it’s when Vince McMahon kept trying to wrestle me on a chartered plane. 4 hours of pure hell. He wouldn’t stop. All I wanted to do is sleep. Vince never sleeps. Lol.

Do you have a plans to show up in WWE Hall of Fame? Any future expectations? I don’t know. I don’t control what WWE does and doesn’t do. It would be an honor to be inducted, but I’m not expecting anything from anyone. I’m taking my break one day at a time. This year is MY year off. Yippee!!

What is your favorite country to wrestle in? I love wrestling in the UK and Scotland. Great fans. Japan and US are also great. Still so many places to go to. I’ve never been to South America to wrestle, that would be nice before I retire.

Have you ever played any of the video games you’re featured in? And if so do you play as yourself? Lol I’ve never taken that “leap” of playing video games because I’m WAY too competitive. I love to win and if I don’t, I’m afraid I will never stop. Lol. I will die trying to win.


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