Facebook Fan Q&A 3/18/16

Do you ever wish you and Undertaker wrestled at Wrestlemania? And was there ever a time that match was close to happening? Yes. Undertaker IS Wrestlemania. I’ve always wanted to face him. No it never came close to being a reality. Both Taker and I wanted it but it was out of our hands.

One of my favorite quotes is by Mark Twain: “The two most important days in a man’s life are the day you’re born, and the day you find out why.” Other than winning the Gold Medal or winning any professional wrestling championship, what would you say would be the defining moment of your life? 1- my Kids. I adore my family. They are my priority. 2- overcoming my addiction 3 years ago. That train has left the station. I’m very proud to be clean for good.

Do you feel that wrestlers relying on submission moves are given second preference over high flyers or crowd entertainers? It depends. If you’re Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit, you’ve proven time and time again that submission tradeoffs work extremely with wrestling psychology. Way more than high flying. But the sport needs a little bit of everything, especially today.

I’ve always noticed after losing the hair vs hair match to Edge, your character quickly became vicious, and this trait increased more and more over time. Was this part of the storyline or just a coincidence? It’s no secret I was going bald anyway. Vince felt it was time for me to show my vicious, badass side instead of the goofy comedy side. He was right to a certain degree. Shaving my head made the transition easier and better:-)

I know you did a Q & A in here in the UK where you chose The Rock over John Cena because of how Rock was in his prime when you worked with him, but my question would be which title victory meant more, was it beating the Rock at No Mercy 2000 or beating Stone Cold Steve Austin at Unforgiven 2001? Austin was a better in ring general but both Rock and Austin were exceptional wrestlers. My first title meant more because it was my first title. So beating the Rock was my defining moment.

What are your thoughts on Sting’s retirement due to injury? Is it something WWE should be more aware of that certain moves may be too dangerous at a certain point? Yes, but I believe WWE has done a fantastic job of protecting wrestlers. It wasn’t like that when I was there…everything was acceptable. But WWE protects the wrestlers quite a bit now. Sting’s injury was a freak thing.

I teach able and disabled students martial art and self-defense. How easy is it for someone with ADHD to get into wrestling (as one of my students wants to learn)? Kids with ADHD are exceptional with things they have a passion for. I believe they make the best athletes/wrestlers in the world. So yes, they can learn how to be a pro or amateur wrestler. My son Kody is a great example. He has Autism and ADHD. He is an Amazing wrestler because he loves it!

During your issues over the course of the last 6 years how did you remain so positive? And who out of all the wrestlers you’ve met was the nicest? I wasn’t any more or less injured than any other wrestler. Injuries come with the sport. I always pushed myself to get back in the ring asap. I may have pushed too hard at times. But I love performing and I’m blessed to have gone 16 plus years. Nicest wrestler? Rey Mysterio. Anybody would agree!

Looking back on the original ECW, aside from the Sandman crucifixion, is there anything from the Raven-Sandman feud that you would’ve changed had you joined ECW back then? I wish I could answer that question, but I didn’t watch back then. I started watching when I signed in 1999. I’m sorry. I know that Sandman and Raven had a good run together.

Are the rumors true you met with Triple H at the Arnold Schwarzenegger sports fest? If not, would you consider going back to WWE for one last run? Rumors are false. I never spoke to HHH. Would I go back? I don’t know. I’m taking time off from any organization, at least 1 year, but I will be back again most likely in 2017. Where? I don’t know.

I’m 42 and been working out for years, but I suffer from anxiety and depression. It just comes on and turns off. It makes me not want to work out and just sleep. It sucks because I have a great family with my boys and wife. Do you ever have days that you can’t get motivated and experience depression? Me personally? No. But, I just attended a funeral of a friend who killed himself due to depression. He left behind a wife and 2 beautiful kids. He stopped taking his medication. So, please consult a doctor and do everything you can to pull yourself out of it. Your family depends on it.


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