Are your priorities in the right place?

Are your priorities in the right place? Kurt Angle Official BlogMy beautiful wife told me that a friend of hers asked her what her number one priority was. What was her purpose in life? Then she asked my wife Giovanna what GOD intended her to do with her life. My wife told her friend that her destiny/priority was to look out for and take care of her husband and kids. My wife’s friend said that that didn’t count, that her career should be her priority.

Giovanna disagreed with her. If she were going to pass away, what would she want to be remembered for? She said she would want to be remembered as an incredible wife and mother. That is what she wants her legacy to be. She would want to make her peace with God and to make sure her husband and kids are taken care of after she was gone. I agree with her. I mean, if you were married and had kids, and you were going to die, wouldn’t you want to make sure your family was taken care of? That is a great priority. If you have a marriage and children, and you want your legacy to be being remembered for what you did in your career, maybe your priorities aren’t exactly in the right place.

Being remembered for your accomplishments in your professional life is not a bad thing, but remember that your family always comes first! It does in this house, it’s true!


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