Facebook Fan Q&A 4/29/16

Heard talk yesterday about WWE possibly releasing a DVD/Blu-ray about you next year, would this be something you would be interested in being a part of or will it just be your best matches? There are rumors going around. Don’t always believe what you hear. If you didn’t hear it from WWE or me, don’t always buy into it. Anybody would be interested in getting a DVD set of their best matches, so yes, I’d be interested in talking to them about it.

With the tragic passing of Chyna last week are there any memories you’d like to share about her? Chyna was a joy to work with. She was every bit as good as everyone thinks she is. I was proud to share the ring with her.

Will you be on Stone Cold’s podcast anytime soon? Just wondering what’s your relationship with him is like if there even is one? Austin and I are on good terms, always have been. I did his podcast 2 years ago. I’d do it again if he’s interested. He is the man. Biggest name in the biz. We had classic times.

Knowing you are a Pennsylvania native, have you ever been to Knoebels? And if so, what was your favorite ride? That is from my 4 year old son. Never been, but now I’m interested. I will check up on it and take your son’s word how great it is. 🙂 Will bring my family. Thx.

I heard a rumor that you and Vince used to wrestle each other and one day you guys woke up Taker and you were on top of Vince and Taker choked you out– TRUE or FALSE? True…kind of. I was wrestling Vince and Taker thought I was hurting him. But you can’t hurt Vince, he’s crazy. Taker choked me and pick me up off of Vince. He wasn’t trying to hurt me. There’s mad respect between Taker and I. It was all good.

Are you close friends with anybody from other Professional sports? James Farrior. Rob Gronkowski. Michael Bisping. Randy Couture. Chael Sonnen to name a few.

Thoughts on Armageddon 2000 6-man Hell in a Cell? Stories, effects on career? The only thing I can say is there will NEVER be that many big names at once in the same cage the night we brutalized each other. Never!

In all your travels, what was the worst thing you ever ate? Alligator. Yummy….lol.

Your thoughts about Eric Young and Bobby Roode (Soon) in NXT? They’re talented and deserve to be successful in any company…WWE…TNA…anywhere else.

Are you addicted to any TV shows or movies as of now? Walking Dead, Supernatural, and If Loving You is Wrong- my wife got me hooked on that one. Lol.

Who do you miss working with the most? Who were close to outside of the ring? Eddie. Benoit. Lesnar. Taker. AJ. Joe. There are more, but that should suffice…lol.


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