I love the wrestling business

EspeciallyTheFansI absolutely love every facet of the wrestling business. I’ve been a part of every stage, open card, mid card, and Main Event.

Wrestling was never about money for me, I do it for the love of it. Yes, the money is nice, but I have never based my career on how much I made or how much I drew, it’s about entertaining the fans and making it look as real as I can. Sometimes it IS real. I’ve been beat up, banged up, and injured, but I want to perform at my best every single time I’m in that wrestling ring…and I do.

My love of pro-wrestling includes what I do outside of the wrestling ring as well, interacting with the fans. If I don’t have time for them, then I shouldn’t be in the business. If I don’t have the support and respect of the fans, what do I really have? I’m a wrestler, who loves EVERYTHING about the business, especially the fans.

– Kurt Angle


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