Facebook Fan Q & A 10/8

Would you ever consider one more match with Brock Lesnar if he joins TNA?  Yes. Brock is a rare talent. He has the ability to break the barrier of being called “a big man”. He can do just about anything and has incredible control of his body. He and I could tear the house down!

Kurt, what do you think about the latest news on the TNA World Title being vacated?  I was happy that Matt Hardy finally won it. I am not a fan of what occurred, but the title is up for grabs. My favorite to win it is Lashley or EC3, although it wouldn’t surprise me if Hardy wins it again.

Why did you go from wrestling boots to sneakers?  I never realized how much more I could do with shoes, rather than boots, until I did a “run in” one night in WWE. I could kick and run easier. That’s when I hung up the boots for good.

I attended a Q&A with Sting last night who spoke very highly of you.  He said you were the full package and it was an honour to work both with and against you. What’s your greatest memory of you and Stinger?  I have many fond memories of Sting. I respect him more than anyone. He’s a genuine and caring individual. My matches with him were epic but I loved teaming with him in the Main Event Mafia. Good stuff.

What’s your best memory when you were training for the Olympics?  My memories were more nightmarish than they were fond. My training was torturous, to the point that I can honestly say, I don’t miss those days. But I won’t forget them. Hard work DOES pay off!

What are your favourite psalms and verses to draw comfort or strength from?  Here is something that everybody can remember because it is simple and to the point, but it means so many different things. “When I am afraid, I will trust YOU”. Psalm 56:3.  We all have fears of failure or not knowing what lies ahead in our lives but we all must push forward and take chances. GOD wants us to succeed and prosper. Sometimes we have to hit valleys before we climb to the top of the mountain. Many times we are afraid to allow GOD to lead us, but if you trust in GOD, and allow HIM to lead you, even when we are in fear, HE will allow us to overcome every obstacle. Trust in HIM to get you through “everything”.

How has your health been since your operation? I know they say wrestling shows are just story lines but as big supporters, we know your neck has been big topic.  I’ve had issues with my neck for years, but I’m ok. I’m healthy and I don’t plan on ending my career this year. I will take a break for a while but I still love performing and I’m still pretty damn good at it. Lol. Thank you for your concern!!!!!

Hi Kurt, I hope you don’t mind me asking I ask this every time you do one of these, but I want to succeed. Do you have any tips and or advise in and on pro wrestling to be successful? Ps thanks for the t-shirt you threw at me in Jan this year in Scotland.  Find a great school to train you. Team 3D or Booker T’s school are both great for training. Limit your bumping. Learn how to bump but limit them. You only have so many in your career. That’s the best advice I can give. You will thank me, lol.

I wanna win state for wrestling- any tips?  Train your butt off, go into your practice eager to learn. Get there early and stay late. I always did that. The time that you put in reflects when you’re competing on the wrestling mat. Go for Gold!

Hi Kurt! Do you have any good or funny Eddie Guerrero memories to share with us? I always loved your matches together.  Eddie and I had a love/hate relationship. We loved each other, but fought like brothers. I remember one time we got into a fist fight. He tried to leg dive me, a move you do in Olympic Wrestling. I hipped down on him and started choking him out. Later, JBL asked Eddie “why would you leg dive an Olympic Gold Medalist?”. Eddie smiled and said “because I’m a dumb ass”. Gosh I miss Eddie. What I wouldn’t do to have one more fist fight with him. Lol.


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