Facebook Fan Q & A 9/30

Kurt Angle, will you ever do an interview on Stone Cold’s podcast?  I’ve done Austin’s podcast 1 time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We talked a lot about our feud and chemistry in the past. I plan to be on it again. Austin is the biggest name and draw in our industry. He carried the attitude era at one time. He’s every bit as funny and entertaining as he is a wrestler.

Hey Kurt, which wrestler did you enjoy tag teaming with? I wasn’t much of a tag wrestler but I enjoyed tagging with Chris Benoit and AJ Styles. Chris and I had so much intensity that nobody could keep up with us. And AJ was so athletic that I pretty much used my ground skills to add to his areal technique. Together we were money.

Kurt, did you wrestle in college with a Luke Shocklee? Yes. Luke was a 118/126 pounder from Ohio that was very talented. Our team (Clarion) was a powerhouse in college wrestling. It was cool to be a top 5 team when our school was so small. 4000 students.

Kurt Angle, are you going to be filming in movies soon? Yes. I joined an agency and have done many reads. I just started acting lessons. I’m going to push hard for this to be my next career.

Hi Kurt, I am only 15 but I am looking for good wrestling schools do you got any recommendations? Simple. Booker T’s school in Houston and Team 3D’s school in Orlando. I also like what Mickey James and Magnus have started in Richmond Va. These schools are Awesome!

Hey Kurt. When you and Shane had that EPIC match at KOR, how shocked were you when the glass didn’t break after the first throw? Shocked and confused. It was the wrong glass. It was supposed to be sugar glass but it was plexi glass. Somebody got the glass order mixed up, but Shane was persistent about going through it. Twice!!!!!

Hey Kurt, you’re an amazingly strong individual in spirit and athleticism. How to do you to keep your composure when the worst happens? What should I do?  I think of my wife and 4 kids. There are times when I wanted to give up or crawl into a shell. Many times. But my love for my family keeps me going. You need something to fight for. It you don’t have it, then find it.

You’ve done some incredibly funny promos. Which one was your favorite?  My favorite was my stuff with Austin. We didn’t have anything written. It was improv and very natural. I thoroughly enjoyed comedy. Not sure why the boss wanted to put an end to it. I guess he thought nobody was taking me seriously, but I’m an Olympic Gold Medalist. How could you not take me seriously when I stepped into the ring? That’s my opinion.

I heard that you were on the cover of Emmure’s second album entitled “The Respect Issue”. Is that true?  Emmure approached me to do 2 covers for their albums. At the time, they were just starting to break out. I was honored to be on their cover and am happy for their success.

You wrestled in the Olympics with my uncle Tim Vanni, do you remember him? Yes. Tim Vanni was a superior lightweight on our 1992 Olympic team. I believe he placed 5th. He was a great friend. I was in college that year and was an alternate on the team. He motivated me to give my best and 4 years later I won gold. You should be proud of your uncle Tim.

I HAVE TO KNOW. During the greatest boom in wrestling “the Attitude Era” you were best known for your comedy outside the ring in vignettes featuring Rock, Austin, etc. Did you write any of your own material for these classic moments? The chemistry between you and Austin was amazing!  I absolutely loved comedy. I was good at it. I didn’t particularly write for myself but I added my own flavor to it. A writer named Brian Gewirtz was responsible, along with the boss Vince McMahon.

Outside of the ring, what kinds of charities do you assist?  I contribute to and help many charities. A lot. Leukemia Society, Food for the Poor and Feed the Hungry, along with many Christian Charities. We all need to give as much as we can.


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