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AngleStrong Recovery Management appMore than 54,000 people have died from opioid overdoses over the last 2 years. This drug epidemic is the worst in US history. I know what it’s like to struggle with addiction, and I care about those who are struggling.

That’s why I speak privately at addiction centers, and why I’m starting my #AngleStrong initiative this week. The statistics of drug use are eye-opening, and so sad. Over 21 million people in the US have a drug disorder. Only 10 percent of them get treatment. And only 5 percent of that 10 percent stay in recovery. That means 5 percent of 2.1 million are recovering from addiction. That’s only a little over 100,000 people. We as American citizens, and people everywhere, need to wake up and realize this problem isn’t just going away. That is exactly why I’m starting #AngleStrong. It’s about helping people struggling with addiction, and helping their friends and family members to understand why they are hurting so badly.

People need to understand that it’s no one’s fault. Painkillers are easily available from doctors. Heroin is easily available on the street, and a lot cheaper to get, which is why we really need to try and stop this opioid epidemic. It’s urgent that we help those who are suffering. Look for my #AngleStrong App coming soon on the Play Store and Google Play to help your loved ones struggling because of addiction. I’m here for you and I will continue to assist as many people as I can. It’s time we ALL speak “out loud” about what’s going on. For more information and the latest news, like us on Facebook, and for more information about the app, visit the website. #AngleStrong- We Will Win. It’s true!!!


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