New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions-Kurt Angle BlogI went to the gym today and it was extremely packed. I couldn’t find a treadmill that was available. Annoying!!!

We all make some sort of resolutions that we desire to achieve, especially for the New Year. Most of us want to look better and 95% of us will make a commitment to being more fit in 2017. But, why do most of us stop after a few weeks? Is it because our motivation runs out quickly? Is it because we are too busy? Or do we quit because it is too difficult?

Statistics say that 90% of us will give up on our New Years resolutions. Maybe because resolutions are “temporary”. Three things that drive one to be better. Motivation, inspiration, and aspiration. Who or what motivates you? Who or what inspires you? What do you aspire to achieve for yourself?

The most powerful of the 3? Aspiration. Because it’s more long term. Forget motivation and inspiration!!! They’ll wear out quickly. But when you aspire to be something better than who you are right now, it’s more long term. So if you aspire to look better than you do right now, set a long term goal that you want to attain, and stick with it. If you slip a little, it’s ok. Jump right back at it as quickly as you can. I promise your “aspirations” will be more attainable. To the others that decide to give up? That’s ok. Because that means when I go to the gym, all of the fitness equipment will be available for me whenever I choose to use it. ? more for me! ??? it’s damn true!!!!


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