Facebook Fan Q&A 2/23/16

Out of everyone at Bellator who would you really wanna get into a cage with? —Mcgeary or Lashley. They both are amazing fighters. But I may not be able to go with them anymore…I’m getting old. Lol. I love watching them fight.

What is your main focus now you’ve left TNA (aside from family of course). What’s next for the legendary Kurt Angle?–I’m working on my acting career and my supplement company BarnDad Nutrition. I’m gonna have fun with the next phase of my career.

What’s your thoughts on the return of Shane McMahon last night on RAW? –It’s the best thing they’ve done in years. Shane is an attraction. People love him. He will bring a lot of interest back to the company.

What are your feelings about independent schools and promotions that keep springing up here in Europe? Would you consider making some appearances around here, spreading your knowledge? Especially to Centro de Treinos de Wrestling here in Portugal?— I think these promotions are doing an amazing job. I would definitely consider coming to Europe, but I most likely won’t wrestle. We will see.

How was your time at Memphis Power Pro wrestling?–I learned a lot in Memphis. They have an Amazing tradition there and the fans are incredible.

I really enjoyed the main event mafia did you like it and do you have any good Scott Steiner stories?–Main Event Mafia was Kevin Nash’s idea. It was fun. The wrestlers that made up that group are all HOFers. It was unique and fun. I can’t tell you any Steiner stories or I’d have to kill you. Lol

If you were to write a book about your life and career what would you title it and who would you want to write the forward?–I would title it “The Greatest Ever” because I am…LOL. The forward would be written by Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter. ;-)~

Kurt is there any specific match in your career you wish you had lost because in your opinion your opponent was the better wrestler?–No. I’ve never wrestled an opponent better than me, but I have wrestled guys that I felt needed a good push. Most of the time I would change the finish. An example was Jay Lethal. I was supposed to beat him but I had him beat me because I felt it was right to do it.

Hello sir, as far as your career , was there any other character or personality you ever wanted to try or explore?–No. But I loved the goofy ass character I played at the beginning. WWE creative put an end to it because they wanted me to be more of a bad ass. I don’t really agree with that but I did what I was told to do.

What was it like having Dave Schultz as a friend and work out partner?–I never would have won gold if it wasn’t for Dave Schultz. He was everyone’s coach, mentor, and best friend. We ALL loved him.

Besides your neck what has been the most painful injury you have had to endure? –I’ve been very blessed not to have many injuries. My neck was my only painful serious injury back in 2003-2006. I’ve had others, but my neck affected me for some time. Actually my neck is okay now so I have no complaints. Wrestling brings a lot of injuries and pain. Tough business.

Will you still Q and A once you no longer wrestling? –Yes I will.


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