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Finding Purpose- Kurt Angle Official BlogThis past Saturday, I had an amazing opportunity to speak to 400 drug/alcohol addicts and family members. It was the first speech that I have given about this subject since I’ve been in recovery. I’ve been clean and sober for almost 3 years. It’s been rewarding and difficult at times, but I’m stronger than ever in my recovery, so I feel great about my progress and who I am as a man.

There is a difference between being an addict who’s in denial, being an addict who doesn’t want help, and being an addict who is seeking help. I was fortunate enough to speak to those who DO want help and as difficult as it was, I enjoyed be around people that could use my help, and give my best advice to. I know how it feels to be the one seeking.

I really feel that I had an impact on most of those who attended. You know, I always thought that my purpose in life was to be a Champion, a warrior, but now I understand that being an Olympic Gold Medalist is a platform that enables me to be seen and heard as a role model. When people are seeking help, they’re more likely going to listen to someone who has been both successful in their life and in their recovery. It’s not easy to tell my story. There’s a lot of psychological and physical pain involved in what I’ve been through, but if being open about my battles and my struggles helped just one person, then I know that I’ve served GOD the way HE wants me to.

I am developing a genuine passion for helping others, I’ve never felt that before, but that’s the beauty of it. GOD has steered me where HE wants me to go. It’s a miracle that I am able to be here for others. Miracles don’t occur with a magic wand. They occur when GOD manifests HIS will in people. HE softens their hearts so they will serve HIM and others who are in need. When someone decides to donate to a charity, that’s a miracle. It’s a small miracle but a miracle nonetheless.

So if you’re in trouble and need help, look for it. And if you see someone in trouble and they need help, then make an effort to help them. If you do, we will have more miracles in this world.

Oh it’s damn true!!!


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