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Kurt Angle Official BlogWe all must have goals in our lives, both short term and long term. You may have different personal reasons for each of your goals, and some may be more difficult to attain than others, but it’s imperative to have them and to use each day to push closer to attain them.

My “long shot” dream was to be an Olympic Champion. Winning gold was my lifelong dream. I also had another passion, to be a teacher…to teach our youth. I have a college degree in education. I accomplished my ultimate dream, winning gold in the 1996 Olympics, but now that I’ve accomplished it, I want to use my college education to help others and to teach others.

Now that I am entering this part of my life, a time to slow down and reflect on all that I have personally achieved, I have a story that I want to share to help those people! I want to help others accomplish their goals and I can use my education to achieve that.

Our lives have so much meaning and we should continue to evolve, in every aspect. If you have your shit together, then you’re prepared to accomplish your goals. If you don’t have your shit together, start now and make your life something special. Help yourself to help others and your life will be prosperous. And remember… push toward every goal that you have, every single day, for your whole life. The day you stop pushing yourself is the day you have given up. So don’t give up. Watch, listen and learn, and make everything you do benefit you, your family, and others.

That’s what GOD has intended. It’s Damn true.


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