Being Satisfied

Being Satisfied- Kurt Angle Official Blog“Be humble and appreciative, but never satisfied” Coach Bubb – Clarion University Wrestling Coach

My college coach told me this many times, and I didn’t understand it at the time. Coach Bubb was an “old-school coach”, and I was honored to be coached by him. He loved early morning and late evening workouts, along with our midday wrestling practice.

He taught me so much about wrestling and life. Winning wasn’t the most important thing to him, it was grooming his wrestlers to be prepared for life. I understand now what he meant when he would tout these words in the middle of practice. Coach Bubb was telling us to celebrate our progression, but don’t let the progression end, EVER. Constant improvement every day is what creates champions. It doesn’t occur overnight.

Wow! Smart words from a smart man. Coach was telling me to be happy about what you accomplish but don’t let it go to your head. When you get arrogant, you stop working hard. You become satisfied or you “settle” where you are. That is not how you should combat this world. You give all you have every single day, don’t stop until your last breath. So coach, I get what you were saying. And I agree… I’m happy, but I will continue to fight hard to make myself better every single day. And…Thank you coach. It’s damn true.


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