Facebook Fan Q&A 5/20/16

I have a dragon boat race in June. What can I do to prepare like a champion? I’m an underdog right now. Let loose. Don’t hold back. You have nothing to lose!

Dealing with chronic pain can do tremendous damage to ones psyche and personal life. I commend all of you who step in the ring and fight through the pain for the love of what you do and to entertain us fans. What advice can you give to anyone living through extreme chronic pain, and how to not let it consume you and restrict you from being who you want to be on a day to day basis? Maintenance. Your body needs simple maintenance. 1- neck traction is imperative to keep neck intact. 2- anti gravity for lower back and spine. 3- stretching hamstrings. 4- stay active, even walking helps. These simple things can help so much for body pain. Lastly, drink water all day long. When you’re dehydrated, it harbors body pain.

What is your favorite film? Rocky. Inspirational story.

In honor of his birthday, did you ever meet Andre the giant? If so what was it like? No, I never met Andre, but it would have been my dream if he was still alive.

If you were not a wrestler, what would you do- Business, Service or something else? Coaching. I would have been an Olympic wrestling coach. I also own a supplement company call Barndad Nutrition. I LOVE coaching though.

With a new baby on the way, (congrats by the way) are your other children excited or not really paying it any mind? Ha! Some are, some aren’t, but I’m sure they will be excited when the baby comes. Kids are kids. Lol.

How do you feel about going to ICW fear and loathing at the hydro in Glasgow this November and what are you looking forward to the most about it? I’m excited about November 20. I heard the fans are incredible. Will be fun!

What was your favorite product made with your likeness on it? I’d have to say when Coca-Cola was my sponsor for the Olympics. Love me some Diet Coke. I’m a Coca-Cola man…lol.

Who was the funniest wrestler in WWE away from the ring that made your ribs hurt with laughter? Stone Cold was naturally funny. Edge and Christian were funny as hell. So was the Rock. I would laugh so hard when we would end the shows with comedy. Most of it was off-air to entertain the house. Good times.

WHO DID NEGAN KILL?! Glenn. But I hope not. Glenn is one of my faves!!!!


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