Facebook Fan Q&A 5/27/16

Why did the WWE tag you in a video a few weeks back? They did the same thing for AJ Styles as well. Does this mean you could be coming “home” ? I haven’t spoken to WWE as of yet. But I’m really enjoying my time off.

Hope all is good with you and your family. Just wondering how you guys will be spending your memorial day weekend? I will be marrying my nephew David this weekend. Just got my pastor’s license!

Almost every wrestler has said that you ‘got it’ quicker than anyone else. Ever. From promos. To ring work to your ridiculously underrated comedy chops. Any insight as to why you think you ‘got it’ so swiftly? Also do You have any acting aspirations? I don’t know why I “got it” so quickly. I just did, but I kept my mouth shut and ears open. Nobody will ever catch on as quickly as I did. I want to do more movies. I signed with an agency APA. Fingers crossed.

In a recent interview with Mick Foley, Shane McMahon said that his favorite match was versus you at KOTR. What was your opinion of that match, considering Shane is not a Wrestler, and considering he is “the boss’s son”? No doubt Shane is very talented. He’s an athletic machine. I loved KOTR match with him. Al Snow deserves credit. He put it together.

What’s the most valuable lesson you have learned/experienced in your career in wrestling that you are able to take away with you which will help you to better yourself/life outside of the ring? Injuries are part of the game. Work around them. And when you have a goal in mind, achieve it. Never give up. Sorry Cena lol.

What do you think about the new Roster Split? I mean I waited so long for it. But do you think, it’s good for WWE? The roster split is fine. WWE has lots of talent on the main roster and in NXT. It’s a smart move.

If you were given the chance to manage a wrestler from any promotion, whom will you like to guide? Benoit. Malenko. Guerrero. Loved those guys. Intense just like me.

Do you prefer to use bodyweight exercises or weight training? Both. They both are effective for different reasons. It depends on what sport you’re doing it for or what your fitness goals are. But both are great.

What were your favorite cartoons as a kid? Asking because your comedic timing is great. You kidding? Bugs Bunny. The master of 1 liners. Clever wabbit. Lol

Why did you decide to write blogs? To share my knowledge with ALL of you. I’m grateful for my life and I want others to know why I had the success I did. Pay it forward. GOD’s Blessing.


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