Facebook Fan Q&A 10/16

How do you compare the talent that you are wrestling in your years now to those that you wrestled when you first came into the business (ie: Brock/Eddie/Austin etc compared to EC3/Magnus/other TNA talent)? The talent today isn’t any better or worse than the talent 15 years ago. But can you compare an EC3 or Magnus to a Stone Cold? Hell no. For one, it’s way too early in EC3/Magnus’ careers to compare them to Austin, or anyone else. Austin is one of a kind. Brock Lesnar is one of a kind. Eddie Guererro is one of a kind. In other words, I cannot compare talent, because they are individuals that brought something different to the table. Each of them. If you’re asking if talent isn’t as good as it used to be, I disagree. They are.

What’s your favourite WrestleMania match? All of my WM matches were special. Eddie, Brock, Benoit, they were all incredible, but Shawn Michaels and I had one of the greatest matches in history. There was magic from start to finish. Looking back, if I were healthy for Angle vs Lesnar, that match would have been the one. Two thoroughbreds going at it…nothing more magical than that!

How do you manage the stress in your life? What are some techniques you use to calm your mind and relax?
Managing stress is difficult. I used to drink or take a pill…not anymore! That scenario is gone from my life for GOOD. Meditation- breathing in and exhaling out 5 minuntes a day really helps. Or looking at my children and realizing what truly is important. I literally forget everything I was worrying about and then I’m grateful to have the ones I love. It’s an incredible feeling. My children, the ones that cause me a lot of stress are actually the ones that take it away. Isn’t that a bitch…LOL.

What has been the most challenging experience for you either personal or professional? Many believe that the most challenging experience they have is to stay clean and sober after they’ve had a problem with alcohol or drugs. Not for me. I just needed a reason to stay clean. I found it: GOD and Family. But, the most challenging experience for me was winning gold in 1996. How could it not be? The training, the pressure, the injuries, the struggle. When you overcome all of that and consistently win, as I did, you know that it truly is something special, that GOD put me here not just to be a champion, but to tell my story of how I struggled. Now that’s challenging!

Did you want to be a pro wrestler after you won the Olympics, or did you had a different plan at that time? Most wrestlers have made these unexpected decisions, so I’m really curious.  I did not want to be a pro wrestler, but I started watching  WWE in 1998 and by 1999, I signed a contract with WWE. By 2000, I won the World Title. I knew very little about the business, and I didn’t know the history either, but I was damn good at it from the beginning and I fell in love with it. NOBODY will ever catch on as quickly as I did, or consistently be as good as I was/am. I’m not bragging, it’s just the truth. So although I didn’t want to be a pro wrestler after the Olympics, I was meant to be a pro wrestler PERIOD.

Which one of your attires was your favorite? Team Angle gear. Awesome!

What would you say to someone who really would love to have a go at wrestling but got advised not to because of metal in their ankle? How badly do you want to do it? It’s your decision…you can always work around the injuries or setbacks you have. Again, it’s your decision.

What are your personal 3 favorite foods to maintain muscle? Steak. Egg whites. Barndad FiberDX – it’s Awesome tastes incredible!

I’ve gotta ask re: the milk truck moment from 2001, was that actually milk coming out of the hose? If so, 2% or Whole? Haha I loved it and have always wondered about it. Thanks for your time and everything you’ve done to entertain us over the years! The 2001 milk truck scenario was……..not milk. It was water with white food coloring. The only milk that was used was the cartons I opened during my milk raid.

My son is 16 yrs old and wants to join the Navy after graduation in 1 1/2 yrs. He’s been a wrestler since kindergarten and one of his dreams is to become a professional wrestler… Could that dream still become a reality after his time in the Navy?  What are your thoughts on this? I believe that the Navy will help him mature and decide what he truly wants. I respect him for wanting to represent his country. We have a few pro wrestlers that have served in the Armed Forces. It seemed to help them become the people that they are now. And what a story to tell…. serving your Country and then making your dream of becoming a pro wrestler come true. That’s pure magic!


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