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Looking Back

Looking Back- Kurt Angle Official BlogI was sitting next to some college students at a restaurant recently. They had just completed their finals. I imagine they scraped up whatever money they had left after a long semester to go out to eat. They were happy, and relieved that finals were over. They seemed to not have a care in the world. It was Christmas time and they were heading home for the holidays.

This encounter made me reflect on where I was at that age. I remember how it was for me in college. All work and no play. I missed out on a lot, but I can’t regret it. I ended up working hard for and getting what I wanted in life…a gold medal (and a college education).

In college, I was the kid who didn’t go to parties. I trained 3 times a day, went to ALL of my classes, was president of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), and was on student senate. The crazy thing is that the busier I was, the more productive and successful I was on the wrestling mat and in the classroom. I had an old school coach who wasn’t afraid to kick me in the ass if I wasn’t at my very best. My college experience did not entail a lot of laughs and good times. But it created the workhorse I am right now.

So looking back, I don’t regret “missing out” on the fun. College was, and still is, the beginning of your adult life. It seems a bit young, but we have taught our kids to make lifelong decisions when they are 18 or 19 years old. I’m grateful I made the right decisions.

I stared at those college students in the restaurant and thought, “If they only knew what’s ahead of them.” Then I laughed and thought, “Would I do that all over again?” Hell, no! I’m happy where I am. But good luck to you young ladies and gents sitting in that booth. You’re gonna have to make some very difficult decisions. I hope you get what you want in life. Persistence and dedication will bring you success… and don’t ever give up on what you truly want. It won’t be easy, but you’ll do just fine. It’s true!

Learning With Age

Learning with age- Kurt Angle Official BlogYou know, the older I get the more I learn. I always had a passion for many things. I loved sports. I loved my immediate family — most of the time. And I loved God.

But outside of my family, I never really learned how to love another human being. I always kept others at a distance. When you start dating someone and it feels like you have butterflies in your stomach, that’s a neat feeling. You think it could be love, or turn into love, but I would shut down.

Maybe it was because my father was not affectionate. He taught me how to be a man and shake hands firmly, but his relationship with my mother was fairly distant. Growing up, my family was very tight with each other, but we did not show affection. And my dad was such a hard worker and a great provider that he was barely around.

I had girlfriends, finances and I’m on my second marriage. But until I met my second wife, Giovanna, I did not learn how to express love. Giovanna took it upon herself to teach me. I didn’t even know I could do it. Yes! A woman 18 years younger than me taught me the most important trait…Love. She taught me how to love our kids and what love should be between a man and his wife. I realize now, in my late 40s, that the most important person in my life is my spouse. Giovanna taught me that if you don’t make your spouse #1, the whole entire family can cave in. When you get married, it’s a very sacred thing. It’s the bond that should never come unglued. And we all should plan to teach our children that. If I had to choose between my kids and my wife, I’d have a very difficult time with it. But I know that choosing my wife is not only right, but infectious (my kids will see that and understand how important marriage is).

At this point in my life, I finally have been able to get my shit together. And I’m also happier than I ever dreamed I’d be. And the reason is because I learned to love, and trust, and believe in someone else. God put us here to love others. It’s the most important gift there is. Sometimes it feels good and sometimes it hurts… but it’s absolutely worth it. So if you don’t know how to love someone else, you have nothing…even if you’re rich and famous. Life is all about spending time with the ones you love. If you have love, your life will have so much more meaning. It does for me. It’s true.


For over 10 years, I allowed myself to become out of control, mentally and physically. I was pushing myself beyond my capabilities. I broke my neck several times and used painkillers to hide my pain. I was broken, in many ways.

The only thing that did not suffer was my performance inside the wrestling ring. But I lost my relationships with others, my health, and the reputation that I had worked so hard for 30 years to create. In that darkest moment, I met my wife Giovanna. I had never had a healthy relationship with anyone else before, and Giovanna was my first “true love” who made me realize how important it is to have a meaningful bond with someone else. The only other person I truly had that with was my mother. My life started to lean toward family over my career. My career had always come first in my life, outside of my relationship with God.

My wife turned my story of denial around. During that difficult decade, my first priority every morning was making sure I had enough pills and alcohol to get me through the day. It literally consumed my life. I was a prisoner to the drugs (I would have been reduced to heroin if I hadn’t had the money to pay for the pricey painkillers). Being an addict definitely affects your choices, and I made some doozies. I lost a substantial amount of my savings on bad investments, and then got my fourth DUI in five years. My wife finally confronted me and told me I had a choice to make. Her and the kids, or drugs and alcohol. I was about to lose the most important person in my life. So I went to rehab. I didn’t want to quit taking drugs but I knew I had to give it a shot if I wanted to keep my family in my life.

I was always in my own little world growing up. I trained harder than anyone else, so I had to do a lot of it “alone”. Being a loner was my biggest asset because of my drive. When I took the drugs and guzzled alcohol, I also did that alone – isolated. But I was in my 40s by then and I realized I didn’t want to live the rest of my life alone. I saw a whole new life for myself, with my wife and children. My father was a good man but he isolated himself family and was a prisoner to alcohol. He worked hard and paid the bills, but he preferred to drink and pass out over spending time with us. That’s how his dad raised him, and that’s all he knew, and I became the same man. I also worked hard and provided for my family and I thought that was all I needed to give them. Boy, I was dead wrong.

I am now a very happy man. I have a wife and 5 wonderful kids. I chose love over lust for drugs. Am I one of the lucky ones? Yes. But I know that if I did it anybody can do it. Overcoming your demons isn’t easy but it’s attainable. The first step is getting over denial, and it’s scary. My hope is that many lives are saved because I was humble enough to tell my story. If you know anyone struggling with the disease of addiction, I’m willing to help them. Go to

Be sure to watch my story “Kurt Angle Homecoming 24” on the WWE Network.


We all want to progress in some area of our lives. When we get to a point where we have improved ourselves in some way, such as dieting until we hit our goal, getting the job we always wanted, staying sober for a period of time, or going further with our faith, we often find ourselves then going backwards a bit. Why do we do that?

Progress is not just about hitting your goal, it’s about holding onto it after you get there. Many people set a goal and go for it. Some give up and quit. Some get there and lose it again. But the ones who get there and maintain it are the ones who know the “secret”.

Believing in your mind that you will succeed will help you make progress. But relying only on your mind is not enough. The only way to keep moving toward your goals is by believing in your heart. Your mind will always change. But really putting your heart into it means you are making a lifetime commitment. That’s the only way to change your life, or your lifestyle.

So set your mind to the task, but believe wholeheartedly, in your heart, that you’re going to make progress and stay there, and you will. You will keep a hold of the good things you accomplish. Your heart is the most powerful thing in the world. It’s true.


Comeback- Kurt Angle Official BlogAre you in a tough spot in your life? Do you feel like you’re in a rut and things don’t seem to be getting better?

The most difficult part of pulling out of a negative situation has everything to do with your attitude. Many of us think negatively. We expect bad things to happen in our lives. We might hope for the best, but we expect the worst. So many times in my life I have tried to get through difficult situations, and when something negative would occur, I would quickly say to myself, “Of course it happens to me. It always does.”

God has an uncanny way of pulling us out of our ruts. He doesn’t just lay his hand on us and say, “Poof! You’re now out of your rut and good things will start to occur in your life”. He deals with each and every one of us differently. Miracles aren’t performed quickly. They can build up each day, slowly but surely, and you need to have patience and a positive frame of mind.

The more positive you are, the more you will start to see good things happen in your life. It’s called “slow progression”. Each day, when you get out of bed to start your journey, tell yourself that positive changes will start now. Stick to the plan of being positive and having patience, and you will look back in 4-6 months and realize how far you have come.

It’s time for a comeback!!! It’s your life. And it’s your story. Your comeback could start right now… if you choose. It’s damn true.

Little By Little

Journey to Success-Kurt Angle Official BlogIs anyone ever 100 percent satisfied with anything they have accomplished? Career? Marriage/Relationships? School/Education? Sports? Diet and exercise?

I’ve always been happy with what I’ve accomplished. But something inside of me always tells me, “You could have done better.” Perfection is not just difficult to achieve, it’s impossible. So why do so many of us try to be perfect? I think most of us want other people to think our lives are perfect, and that we are happy beyond our wildest dreams. I also think that that is not true. For anyone.

It takes a lot of hard work to be successful. When things start to go south (we all face turmoil and failure at some point in our lives), some people rise to the occasion, and some just give up. Whether things are going incredibly well for you, or falling apart right in front of you, it’s very important to try and do a little bit better — make a little more progress. Progress is imperative if you want to eventually live the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

The hardest part about making progress towards a goal is often the beginning. We tend to put things off until tomorrow, things like fitness and diet, or going back to school, or searching for a better job, or even tying the knot with our better half. Procrastination is the enemy. Waiting around and doing nothing is very detrimental. We all have an unknown period of time on the Earth, whether its 30 years or 55 years or 90 years or 100 years. So don’t sit around and wonder when your journey to success will begin. Start now! Try and do better each day, little by little, and those dividends will pay off. Little by little, you will find yourself, in the end, with a big accomplishment! It’s true!!


AngleStrong addiction recovery appI’ve been clean and sober for 4 1/2 years. My battle with addiction lasted over a decade. I remember the day that my wife came to me and said “I love you. But I can’t be with you anymore if you continue to pass out every night. It’s sad to see you ruining your life and missing out on our children growing up.”

“I’m sorry, but if you don’t get clean, I’m leaving you,” she told me. “I don’t want your money. I just want to protect my family.”

Wow! I didn’t realize how bad I was. You never do when you’re in the middle of hardcore addiction. But having 4 DUIs in 5 years also showed me there was a horrible pattern. The fact that each DUI charge was reduced to reckless driving or thrown own just gave me an excuse to keep using.

So I decided to go to rehab, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. In rehab, you have so much structure. After one week of very, very difficult withdrawal symptoms, I was feeling great. The routine was 8 hours of sleep. Wake up. Exercise and yoga. Breakfast (healthy meals). Addiction prevention class. Lunch. Class again. Dinner. Meetings. Music time. Then sleep.

But what happens when you get out? You’re released back into the world where you became addicted. That’s why 95 percent of those in recovery relapse. There’s no structure after rehab, except for AA/NA meetings, which can be difficult if you’re a husband, father, career man, and celebrity, not to mention very private. So then what?

I struggled so many nights with what I could do to help others stay in recovery after rehab. It took me 4 years to come up with a solution. And that’s AngleStrong. AngleStrong is an initiative to assist recovering addicts stay in recovery. Go to the website to read about it. I’ve helped to create an app that any recovering addict can follow daily to stay in recovery. It’s easy: Sign up, fill in your profile, answer the questions each day, and go to the chat line to converse with other recovering addicts. It has daily reminders, positive daily messages, a monthly video call with me answering your questions, and it’s GPS enabled so that we can find you if you relapse. The most intriguing part of the app is that if you don’t check in daily, your lifelines (sponsor, family, loved ones) will be notified. This app will hold you accountable and keep you in recovery if you utilize it properly. So if you know anyone who is struggling with addiction, send them to You could be saving their life today. It’s true.

Snowball Effect

Snowball Effect - Kurt Angle Official BlogDid you ever hear the phrase, “You control your own destiny”? In so many ways, it’s true. Even the smallest decisions we make, if they are good ones, will have a positive snowball effect on our lives. Here’s an example. When I was in college, I was completely focused on my wrestling and my education, and I had a roommate who felt the same way. But I started to notice that I would be studying or training at the gym each night, and my roommate would be going to a party. By the end of the year, I had excellent grades and also had an incredible freshman year on my wrestling team. My roommate? He failed out.

Every decision we make on a daily basis will reflect on who we become. Do you want success, or do you just want to be lazy and waste your life on parties and video games? Is that really your priority?

If you’re in a rut at this moment, there is always a way out. Start with your physical health first. Take care of your body, go to the gym, and eat the right foods. This will snowball into making proper choices with the right mindset. Remember, a healthy body creates a healthy mind. Once you start making the right choices from a mental standpoint, your successes will start to snowball and move you toward your goal. Your priorities will change and you will start to see your life turn around. The things you used to think were fun, like partying or hanging out with the wrong people, will not look like fun anymore. You will see your life manifest into what you always wanted to become.

The good news is it’s never too late to change for the better. So start now, and forget about the bad decisions you may have made. Your life is worth a lot more than you think, and each and every one of us is valuable to this world. So become a positive person in society by making better choices. It will snowball into what you have always wanted to become. It’s damn true.

Knowing What is Truly Important

You can rebound from anythingI’ve had quite a ride in my 48 years on this planet. I’ve done some great things, and I’ve done things that I’m not too proud of. But I’ve learned through experience why I’ve had those successes and disappointments.

When I was focused on good things, such as God, family and career goals (working hard to be successful and to make my family proud), it brought out the best in me. But when I became selfish and self-destructive, I did shameful things that ultimately ruined my relationships and my reputation. In those times, I also learned that you can rebound from ANYTHING.

During the times when I was at my best, I was focused on what is important: being a role model. I’ve always wanted to be a role model and to make a difference in this world. When I developed some bad habits, I became self-absorbed and wasn’t thinking about being a role model for anyone.

Most of us go through life knowing that we are going to sometimes succeed and sometimes fail. But I believe that when you focus on what is truly important, you will always make the right decisions, whether you succeed or not. Your purpose is to stay positive and focus on what will make you, and everyone around you, a better person.

So stay focused on the good things. That’s all you can do. But do it!!!! In the end, you will become a role model for somebody. That’s what’s truly important. It’s true!!

Hall of Fame Moment

I honestly had the time of my life at Wrestlemania Week. It was nice to see some old and some new faces. The business has changed quite a bit, but in many ways that’s a good thing. The athletes are healthier and more vigorous.

My induction into the WWE Hall of Fame was my favorite moment. I loved talking about my history and giving advice to the young sports entertainers, not to mention drowning myself in milk, LOL. I’ve always enjoyed making an impression on others and I hope that I accomplished that during the Hall of Fame event.

Why did I want to return to WWE so badly, even if it was just for the HOF moment? It was because of the fans, the WWE Universe. I wanted the chance to stand on the WWE platform and give my sincere “thank yous” to a generation of fans who did so much for me. Whether you loved me or hated me, it was important to me that I was appreciated, and I hope that everyone was feeling that.

The other reason I wanted to return to WWE is so my little ones could see me up on the WWE platform, just once. My oldest child Kyra witnessed it before, but Kody, Giuliana, Sophia and Nikoletta did not. It was important to me that ALL of my 5 children could know who their father was, and what kind of impact he made in the business, even though my youngest, Nikoletta, is only 5 months old. Even though she won’t remember, she was there.

So thank you to all of the fans who I have entertained over the years. Thank you for sharing these moments with me. I had the time of my life. Oh it’s true. It’s damn true!!