Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love-Kurt Angle Official BlogDo you have children? If you do, then you probably know what unconditional love is. But why do we love our kids so much?

Unconditional love of your children starts with loving yourself. Some of us have that love and some of us do not. The fact that our kids mean the world to us verifies that we DO love ourselves.

Love of ourselves can sometimes turn to hate. We are our own greatest enemy, the way we think can hurt more than any words, and if our thoughts are negative…self hate is born. I know there have been times where I “hated” myself. Some of the reasons were because of poor choices that I made or even how I looked. But to absolutely hate yourself means that you must have loved yourself at some point in your life. Love breeds passion and passion breeds emotion. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves because we didn’t have a good childhood or we aren’t happy with where we are in life. If you loathe yourself, figure out why and get that love back. We can grow love for ourselves through loving our children. What else motivates us more than our kids? We sacrifice and work harder for them than for ourselves!

Love is the most important thing in the world. GOD has taught us love because HE “is” love. So if you’re feeling down on yourself for your appearance, decisions you’ve made, or anything else, change that feeling by forgiving yourself for not being perfect! We are human and we make mistakes, so stop being your biggest critic.

We live a short life and love brings much happiness. We deserve to be happy during this very short time we have on this earth. Forgive and love yourself, and others- and your life will have so much more meaning. It’s damn true!!!


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