Do we truly have Freedom of Religion?

constitutionI was on board an airplane coming home from an appearance when someone next to me, I guess around 20-something years old, was praying in his seat. I was surprised at the fact that he was praying to his God on an airplane, not because he was praying, but because he was praying out loud. Did it offend me? Hell no. I’m all for religious freedom and if he wants to pray, he can pray anywhere he wants to.

Unfortunately, today we live in a time where religious freedom seems to have been taken away from us. Are people TRULY offended by the words God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha? I don’t get it. If you’re an atheist, I’m not offended by it. I love all people and all walks of life, whether you’re religious or not. I have friends who are atheists. It doesn’t bother me. Do I believe that someday they will be held accountable for not believing? I truly don’t know, because I’m not God, and that is none of my business. I don’t force my beliefs on others.

I’ve been reading a book called “A More Perfect Union” by Dr. Ben Carson. He writes about how religious freedom has been taken away from us. I truly believe that it has!!!! I’m not a diehard Democrat or Republican and I vote for whoever is best suited to lead our country, but our Constitution states that we will be allowed to practice our religion “anywhere”. Hmmmm. Not true. It’s been taken out of our schools, and in some cases out of our professions/businesses.

You believers out there, stay strong and unite. Not to protest or riot, but to pray to your Savior or God to allow us to exercise our religion. Communicate with each other to get the word out, but don’t force it on others. EVERYBODY has a right to choose. This is a scary time in our world and we seem further away from God than ever.

The First Amendment of our Constitution allows us to be free to practice our religion anywhere, anytime. So what do I say to my kids, who have been learning from my wife and I about Jesus, when they are told at school you can’t practice your religion? I believe we ALL have a right to pray or talk about our God, whether we believe or not. So pray to your GOD and communicate with each other on how we can continue to practice our faith, or not practice any faith (if you don’t believe) with the freedom our Founders gave us. It’s your right to believe and say whatever you want about your faith, or your right to not believe. Our country was founded, created and built on the freedom to choose. It’s true!


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