Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Your BodyDo you know your own body? How to truly take care of yourself? Not just your outward appearance, but also your mind, your soul and your insides — your organs.

I have always tried to take care of my health, in every way. Was I always successful at it? Absolutely not. There were moments in my life when I completely ignored my body, whether I was injured, dehydrated, eating an unhealthy diet or abusing medication, I always thought that I could turn things around early enough to avoid any long term effects to my body.

Well here I am, realizing now that I need to do better. Prayer and meditation, a proper diet, exercise, sufficient rest, and drinking lots of water have become priorities for me. I think about my wife and kids, and it makes me want to live another 50 years…. for them. That is my motivation. I now spend more time making proper meals, stretching each day, and doing things that will allow me to live a long, healthy life.

For example, I went to the gym this morning. I used to go to the gym, throw bunch of weights around, and then leave. I didn’t warm up or stretch, just got my “pump” and left. Now? My gym routine is get in the hot tub for 20 minutes, the sauna for 10 minutes, drink plenty of water, stretch, then lift weights, run 2 miles, and finish with some yoga and five minutes of prayer/meditation. They say, “Your body is your temple.” So take the time to keep your mind, body and soul healthy. It’s not always easy, but you won’t regret it. It’s true.


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