Responsibility/Accountability-Kurt Angle BlogTo everyone that reads this blog, this post is about the most important thing that will save your career and reputation.

When you reach a certain level of success, some consider you a role model. There’s a huge amount of responsibility that comes with being a role model, but being a great role model is more important than the success that has brought you to that level.

Whatever your career may be, it doesn’t matter what it is, we all make mistakes when we are “shooting for our dreams”….that’s part of the journey.

Throughout my career, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, some have made me stronger, and eventually made me a champion, but I’ve also done my share of making mistakes due to poor judgement.

Brushes with the law, alcohol, drugs, fighting, and violence: these are in the category of “poor judgment”. When you use poor judgment, it can give you such a “black eye” that it could be irreparable.

When you find success, others will cling to you, they will follow your every move, especially children. They trust that you will be their hero, they trust that you will do no wrong. Responsibility and accountability come with the honor of being a role model. I can tell you from experience, that it’s 100 times harder to gain the trust of others that look up to you after you “mess up” using poor judgement, than it is to make the journey to the top of the mountain. Hold yourself accountable as others will, be responsibile for your actions. Don’t mess up, don’t screw up. If you can’t do it for yourself, then do it for the little ones that think the world of you. When you mess up, it takes a little bit of their innocence away. It’s not fair to them, or yourself.

A lot of you have asked me for advice about being successful. The best advice I can give any of you is, be responsible about making the right decisions on how you live your life. A lot of you are going to be successful and some of you will have a certain level of fame. Focus on your achievements and don’t let go of that attitude or that feeling.

Life is difficult and things aren’t easy, if they were, we’d all be perfect, and only one man was ever perfect- and HE lived 2,000 years ago.

Do your best to be as good as you can, in every aspect of your life. I promise you, things will get much easier, or at the very least, less difficult. It’s your time to shine, so shine! Take responsibility for what you do, and how you do it. Make it “your time”, don’t “mess up”. The world is yours for the taking.


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