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Our Prez- Kurt Angle Official BlogAs you all know, America witnessed a historical election this past week. Some are happy, and some are not. President Obama will be exiting the White House after 8 years of faithful service. Now it’s Donald Trump’s turn.

This election has been a difficult for us. Neither candidate was favorable for many of us voters, but the people have spoken and it’s time for Donald Trump to put up or shut up. I was torn about who to vote for, but now that Trump is the victor, it’s time we stand behind him and give him a chance. Inexperience is a concern for all of us, so it’s up to others (VP, Congress, Senate) to assist Donald Trump in his reign as President of the US. The politicians need to come together as one and unify this country. And whether or not you like Donald Trump, we ALL need to come together and make this country as great as we know it to be.

It’s a scary time in the world, so we all need to stick together. This is OUR country, and we need to remember that regardless of whether the President is a Democrat, Republican or Independent, we need to unify behind him.

We are all anxious to see how this plays out. So please, citizens, come together and support our president-to-be. And thank you President Obama for your service. Whether we agree on his positions for our country or not, he put his heart and soul into being our leader. It’s time to come together and continue to make America one of the greatest countries on this planet. It’s true.


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