Family- Kurt Angle Official BlogMost folks now know that I’m a proud father of my 5th child, Nikoletta, born on Saturday, November 5, at 6:16 pm. She was 9 pounds 1 ounce. It’s Baby #5 and most likely my last child (my wife said noooo more). We will see. LOL.

As I look back at the births of Kyra, Kody, Giulia’na and Sophia, I realize how Blessed I am. Each one of them is VERY special in so many different ways. I can’t imagine my life without them. And even though I only get to see Kyra and Kody every 2-3 months, I love them every bit as much as my other 3 children. My only regret is that I was hardly ever home when Kyra and Kody were little ones. I was ALWAYS on the road wrestling for my tremendous fans. But I realize I can’t change my past. I can only control what’s in front of me now.

That’s exactly how I handle my recovery from alcohol and prescription drugs. One day at a time. Stay clean today and only focus on that. Today!!!! My recovery has actually helped me to live my whole life that way. I only focus on the time I have “right now” with my wife and 5 children. It makes things less complicated and a lot more meaningful.

My family wasn’t always my first priority. I used to put my family on the back burner, understanding that my career was more important. It’s not. Did my career keep me focused on what’s important? No. Did it keep me clean from alcohol and drugs? No. My family saved my life. I realized that I couldn’t stay in recovery focusing only on my career. But staying clean for my wife and kids made it a lot easier for me. A REAL man is responsible for taking care of his own, being there for his family on every level: mentally, spiritually and physically…. to provide for, teach, support and Love all of his children and his better half.

The more children I’ve had, the more mature I have become. I “grew up” and I understood that what I was doing was “childish” (using alcohol and drugs). I know I can’t keep having children (I’m approaching 48 years old), but the kids I have will keep me extremely busy and motivated. Family can make you feel like a king, and at the same time it can humble you and keep you grounded. THAT is exactly what I needed in my life. So if you’re expecting a child or you already have children, remember how important it is to Love them and bond with them. Without Love, you have nothing. It’s the most powerful thing on the planet. So Love your family (that includes your parents and other relatives) with everything you have. Life is short. Make it count by showing what is truly important. Family. It’s true!


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