Miracles-Kurt Angle Official BlogWhat are miracles and to whom do we attribute them? Do you believe that they are all acts of GOD or from all of us? I think they are both!

We heard how Jesus performed miracles healing the sick, feeding the poor, and stilling the storms, to name a few. But, did you ever think that YOU were put on this Earth to perform miracles? I believe that you were! One of the definitions of a miracle is ‘a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences’. GOD acts through his children. HE gives us the ability to help each other and if we all did what we are supposed to do, this world would be a much better place to live in.

Miracles are blessings no matter how big or small they are, and they can have the same value and meaning. GOD performs most of HIS miracles through us. When a doctor saves a life, you don’t think GOD had something to do with it? Who gave that doctor the ability to perform surgery, and knowledge to see it through? How about a soldier who saved many lives? GOD gave that soldier the strength and the opportunity to show his bravery.

So the next question is, are good deeds miracles? They certainly are. Anything that responds to the suffering of fellow human beings and is done out of love and unselfishness is a miracle and can be something as small as contributing to a charity or helping a person who is in distress. We can see God working in these situations as well, softening your heart to feel “this money would be better utilized for the hungry and needy.” Are we all pulling our weight? Most likely not, but every small good deed you do will help this world get to the level that GOD expects from us. But do we perform enough miracles each day to make this world a better place? We’re all human, and it’s difficult enough to make it in this world helping ourselves only. If we served each other the way we should, we would all have a better world to live in. So do that little deed when you have the opportunity. Help someone in distress. Throw an extra dollar in the charity basket at Church. When you do, the little deeds (small miracles) go a long way. It’s damn true!!!


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