Facebook Fan Q&A 8/12/16

Do you play any instruments? If so which ones? Drums. I played drums for 20 years. I was pretty good at it. Allowed me to relax while preparing for Olympics. Great stress reducer.

Other than wrestling what other sports do you enjoy? Big football fan. I was an all-state linebacker and full back in high school. Love that sport.

Do you ever go back to the venue that you won your medals at or go to the Olympics in general? No, but I’ve been to Olympic Centennial Park in Atlanta many times. Great memories.

Who is your favorite WWE superstar/woman at this time? Right now? Rollins. Styles. Cesaro. Rusev. They’re all gifted wrestlers. Fave Vets- Taker. Lesnar. Cena. Women- Charlotte and Sasha.

Who is your favorite independent wrestler in the world today? Chris Hero. He can deliver for his size. The kid is gifted!

What are your thoughts on the cruiser weight classic? Didn’t see much of it, but I’m happy Sabre Jr was in it. Very talented!

Do you plan on working more dates with WCPW after the October shows? Taking it one booking at a time. But these guys truly have something special.

How was it to shoot the commercial at the SmackDown Hotel? Did you have fun? Yes. We filmed in South Beach Miami. Long shoot, but it was a lot of fun.

Chunky peanut butter or creamy? Chunky. If I’m going to eat it, I’m going to eat it like a real man. Lol

What are your thoughts on the Olympics right now? USA is crushing it!

What were you doing in that pic that you shared on the set of Those Who Can’t? Wait for the episode to air…lol. Let’s just say it started out as an amateur wrestling match and ended with a pro wrestling match. The match wasn’t very good, but was funny as hell.


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