Facebook Fan Q&A 7/22/16

Which wrestler you supporting for Rio Olympics 2016? J’Den Cox is a dark horse but I like the kid. Jordan Burroughs and Kyle Snyder are former world champs so I’m depending on them for the medal count. Gonna be a great Olympics for Team USA.

How long do you train daily and what’s your routine like? I train 1 hour a day. That’s everything. Weight training, cardio (running on treadmill) and maintenance/stretching/yoga. You don’t need to kill yourself training to look good. Diet is more of the key at this stage of my life, but I train every single day.

What musical act would be the most influential to you? Or in other words, what music influences you the most? I’m a Christian music fan now but in the past it was Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Prince. Now it’s Casting Crowns and Toby Mac. I once took the K Love 30 day challenge 4 years ago and I got hooked. I’m now a loyal follower of K Love Radio and a contributor to them.

What is your favorite Primanti’s Sandwich? This is unusual, but Primanti’s is known for their sandwiches having French fries and coleslaw on them. They’re incredible. But I find a way to make it work without sidetracking my strict diet. I get the low fat turkey breast, with provolone cheese and coleslaw on white bread. It’s a little lower on calories but it’s still delicious. Love Primanti’s.

Who was your first ever opponent? Amateur? I don’t know. Some 7-year-old who whipped my ass. Pro? Tom Prichard from WWE. I was only training 3 days and Tom carried me through my first match. Christian was my 2nd match. Very talented.

What would you do if you had the ability to freeze time? Find a cure for cancer and save so many sick individuals who suffer from this disease the way my mother did.

Worst injury? My neck. I had some serious issues in the past, particularly in 1996 before Olympics. It was scary, but I was able to bounce back and win the Gold. My neck feels better than ever now. Crazy.

What did you think of the draft? I think it served its purpose…to separate talent and get Smackdown back in the game.

How did you break your neck? I got thrown on my head at the U.S. open in 1996. I didn’t know I broke it and continued to wrestle in the semifinals and finals. It was extremely painful. I then had to wrestle in the trials and Olympics with my neck broken. It was horrible. By the grace of GOD I was able to push through and win all 7 matches in trials and Olympics.

Where did the Angle Slam come from? I knew I had to come up with something that portrayed a suplex from amateur wrestling since I was a real wrestler. So one day I incorporated an arm drag into a side suplex. And that’s how the Angle Slam was born!


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