Facebook Fan Q&A 6/10/16

What do you expect from your match against Zack Sabre Junior? I expect it to be incredible. I’ve heard so many great things about Zach Sabre. That’s why I’m wrestling him. #LMWGA

Will you be returning to upstate NY anytime for either wrestling or speeches? Saw you in both Buffalo and Elmira years back. Always a blast. I’ve always loved upstate NY fans. You guys are awesome. If I have an opportunity to go up there again, I will take it.

Which year did you have the most fun being a wrestler? 2000 and 2001. The comedy was off the charts. Fun times with Austin, Rock, HHH and Edge and Christian.

I’m debuting in a organization in a week, got any pointers on how to approach? Limit your bumps and sell like an SOB!

When you wrestled Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania, that technical segment, where you fought with the traditional technical wrestling, was that real? Was he really giving an Olympic gold medalist a run for his money back then? Did you enjoy that match, Kurt? Unfortunately, no. I learned how to use my style and to give and take as I chose, but Benoit was the best at following me. He had a rare talent that was exceptional.

What was in your head when Brock went for the shooting star flip to the 3rd rope? I was thinking, “Damn! My neck is broken and now Brock’s is. Who the hell is going to be world champ now?” 🙂

I’m training to be a wrestler, what is the most important aspect I should focus on, besides the technical aspect? I mean like promos, body language, eye communication, etc. Selling, bumping, and your character. Who are you?

What’s your favorite cheese? Seriously? American. ALL American. It’s true!

What are your favorite memories of Little Crash Holly? His ability to be tougher than anyone else. He was a little badass.

You’ve been using the hashtag #LMWGA. Adam Cole from ROH says the same thing. Are you in talks with ROH? No, I haven’t. But I think we are doing the same thing. Making wrestling as great as it can be. Mine is trademarked though. Lol. It’s true!


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