Facebook Fan Q&A 5/13/16

I want to know what your next big projects is going to be…or what it’s looking like…is there something in the works that the Kurt Angle fans should be hyped about? I have many things coming up. I can’t really say. But stay tuned.

What are your thoughts about the Attitude Era? What is your favorite Era? What made the attitude era special was the fact that there were so many big names. The shows were a little more edgy, adult content if you will. Every segment meant something. I loved it. I was able to show my funny/comedic side. Once the attitude era was over, my character quickly turned serious. I enjoyed that as well. The fact that WWE became a publicly traded company meant good things for children. But for adult content, it had to move away from that. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just different now.

I was wondering how I could be a wrestler when I’ve never had or have experience. What are your suggestions as to where I should start to make it in the big time? I like to be different from everyone, I will still look up to you, but what’s the one thing that will separate me from the rest? I want to make my own legacy. Find a strong independent wrestling company near you. Learn techniques. But make sure your character is strong and worthy to gain eyeballs. Good luck!!

I’d like to know if you’re doing another Q&A tour of the UK in the future? Oh and if you are could you consider Kingston Upon Hull as we are the UK’s City of Culture next year? Yes I will do another tour soon. The 1st worked extremely well. I will consider your town also.

If you were in the Olympics NOW would Zika deter you from competing? Is there any moral stance you hold so dear as to not compete in the Olympics? We all take chances in life. This one is difficult, but I would go because that was my legacy…Winning Gold. This world is dangerous. But if you let everything hold U from your dreams, you’re lost.

Traveling with wrestling around the world, what’s been the longest period of time away from your family? And what helps you get through it? Pro wrestling was difficult enough but I was home for at least 1 day each week most of the time. Olympic Wrestling? I’d be gone months at a time. Sacrifice makes Champions.

Out of all the titles you won in WWE, TNA, or other wrestling promotions which title was your favorite to hold on to? My first or second. The titles against Rock and Stone Cold. It was the beginning of a truly wonderful career. Those guys were the standard. It made Me the standard.

Mr. Angle who was the hardest wrestler to body slam and why? Big Show. Need I say more???

Is there any athlete, wrestler or otherwise, going around today that reminds you of you at that age? Yes. Kyle Snyder. He’s a wrestler from Ohio state. World champion. NCAA Champion. He reminds me of me except his confidence matured a little quicker than mine. I could have won worlds at 19, but I wasn’t confident then. It’s amazing how mature he is.

The people need the truth from you Mr. Angle! What IS your favorite cereal? Cocoa Pebbles. I usually have a few bites of it when my Giulia’na and Sophia eat their breakfast. It’s the breakfast of champions. Wait. That’s Wheaties. Lol.


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