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A strong foundation- Kurt Angle Official BlogMarriage is very challenging in today’s world. There are estimates out there that say 68% of all marriages end in divorce and half of those couples have children.

Marriage doesn’t seem as sacred as it used to be. Could it be because we don’t communicate as much today as we used to? Or, maybe that we’ve made it easier to divorce today as opposed to 50 years ago? Marriage is not easy. It’s one of the most challenging things I’ve ever endured, but my 2nd marriage has been an incredible experience for me.

If you are married or plan on getting married, I have some critical advice for you. I’ve realized, from experience, that your marriage should be the top priority in your life, especially if you have kids. Marriage is the foundation of your family. If your marriage fails, your whole family becomes affected, and could possibly fail as well.

What affects marriage negatively? Many things. Pride, infidelity, distrust, lack of communication, and continuous lying are a few of the things that are detrimental to your relationship with your better half. You must work very hard to keep the fire burning and it’s extremely possible that you can. Most people would say their kids are more important than their spouse. I get that, but building a great relationship with only your children will not keep your family together. Your spouse should always come 1st. NOTHING should come between you and your marriage. Not your career, money, or even your children. Your marriage is the cornerstone to keeping your family healthy and alive. A healthy marriage also sends a message to your children about how valuable it is. They will more likely have a great marriage if you do.

Your spouse is/should be your very best friend and the only one that you can really trust. Sure, you can drive each other crazy at times, but that comes with the package. So take the time to communicate with your other half. Stay true and work hard to keep the fire burning, even if you need to spend extra time with your her/him.

Being married to the love of my life has given my life so much more meaning. And, somewhere along the way, I’ve come to the realization that if you have a healthy marriage, you have a more quality life. I always make time for my beautiful wife. We have date nights, we take the kids places to play, and we even have movie night three times a week at home. I always love spending time with my Giovanna. I realize how important she is to me. I know for a fact that she “IS” my best friend. I mean, who else could I have an incredible time with just by spending a couple of hours watching a movie with her while she lays in my arms or talking for hours about current events? I love every moment that I spend with her! I’d imagine that maturity has been the key in building my relationship with her, especially after having a failed marriage in the past.

So…if you’re married or planning to get married, remember who comes 1st in your life. It’s not your kids, your career, or your parents, it’s your spouse. If you have a healthy marriage, it will make everything in your life much easier. Because, like they always say “happy wife, happy life”. Oh it’s damn true!


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