Facebook Fan Q & A 9/14

Why are you taking a break from wrestling Kurt? I’m taking a break to get away from wrestling for a bit. I’ve been working very hard for 16 years under TNA and WWE. I want to pursue other things, such as acting. It will not be a long break but it will be a well deserved one.

Hi Kurt my question to you is what is going to be your next adventure as I know that you are taking a break from pro wrestling? I plan on taking acting classes and spending time with my family. I’m going to go at my own pace for a little while. I’m looking forward to it.

Kurt, being a fellow Pittsburgh’er – how do you feel about fans coming up to you while you’re out and about with your family? I’ve ran into you a few times around Robinson, but being that you were with your little rugrats, I kept my distance. Do you mind when fans approach you for a quick hello and possibly a picture?
I enjoy meeting people when I’m out and about. If you see me, come say hi. When you’re in the spotlight, that comes with the territory. I’ve always been kind to fans that approach me.

Kurt Angle, are you ever going to get revenge against EC3 before you leave? I don’t plan on getting revenge on EC3. He’s a talented wrestler and now is his time to shine. I wish him the best. I only plan on giving the best matches I can for my fans.

Pizza or tacos?? That’s a tough one. I love both of them, but pizza has been my fave since childhood

What is your favorite holiday? My favorite holiday is Christmas- The birth of my LORD Jesus Christ. It’s a time to enjoy family as well.

Do you still connect with some of the WWE Superstars? If you so, with whom? Wrestling is very fickle. When you stop traveling with your fellow wrestlers you tend to drift away from them. I still keep in touch with Randy Orton though. Love the guy!

What’s your favorite moment in the ring where you had to improvise? I don’t have a specific moment where I had to improvise, since it occurred often. The time that I recall had nothing to do with me improvising. It had to do with HHH getting me through a match at SummerSlam 2000. I suffered a bad concussion and couldn’t remember anything. But HHH and Rock got me through the match. I don’t know how?? I woke up hours after the match and didn’t remember ANYTHING. Those guys taught me a lot about what to do when things go south. Real pros.

Hi Mr. Angle, What advice would you have for a former school wrestler who wrestled for seven years k-7th grade and he does not want to do it anymore(currently in 11th grade).  He said he may consider it again if he had the proper coaching and training. Thank you. Let him get involved in a local wrestling club and go at his own pace, even if he doesn’t want to attend tournaments right away. Allow him to learn slowly, since he’s been out of commission for 4 years. Any club should have a good coach. Encourage him to join his high school team this winter as well.

What are your plan for after wrestling? And would you consider opening a wrestling school? I want to pursue acting. I’m also getting involved in an amateur wrestling school this fall. Going back to my roots. I may consider coaching pro wrestling in the near future.

Who are you facing at Bound for Glory? I believe I will be facing Eric Young. He’s very talented and we have some physical matches. Looking forward to it!


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