Are we getting lazy?

Do more things- Kurt Angle Official BlogI was on my phone the other day, looking at the sports apps and going online, and I realized just how different things are today. I remember seeing a computer for the first time, when it was installed in my high school in the mid-1980s. It was a pretty exciting time, seeing the changes in technology back then that have brought us to the “everything at your fingertips” era we have now.

Little did we know it would partially contribute to our non-active lifestyles and the obesity problem we have in America today. I can’t totally blame technology. I mean, the fast food companies really promoted the “supersize” concept because they raked in some serious cash. But what about our schools? Do they really teach our kids how to get the most out of their cell phones? Really?? Our cell phones??? Everything is done at the touch of a finger, on a freakin’ cell phone!!!

I recall when growing up as a kid, half the fun of doing research was going to the library with your buddies and “looking up” the info you needed to get the job done. Today? I could do that in 35 seconds, including printing the info out to complete my research/task and hand it in to my teacher.

I also see less children outside playing after school. They’re in front of their phones, computers or TVs. I know I’m beating a dead horse with this, but when will it go back to how it used to be? Probably never. And because of that, this world will continue to be less active and face higher obesity rates than ever before. Until someone comes up with a – drug or pill for it. To me, that would be pure laziness on BOTH sides — the companies that make the drugs and the consumers who use them. The crazy thing is that 95 percent of the diseases we get are preventable with proper diet, exercise, continuously educating the mind, and even spiritual guidance (church is one option).

We are in a death spiral that won’t change until we change ourselves. We can all do a little better. Will we? I have my doubts. So prove me wrong. It’s damn true.


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