Number 5

#lovemykids-Kurt Angle Official BlogI’ve been very blessed to have 4 wonderful kids. They each have their own style and personality. Kyra, Kody, Giulia’na and Sophia have changed my life for the better in many ways.
My beautiful wife Giovanna and I are expecting baby #5 next month. Being a dad is very challenging, but I’m no longer nervous about bringing another child in this world. I’m actually excited about it. My children have learned so much from me, and I’ve learned just as much from them. I’ve learned what it means to be a father. I’ve also learned patience (You gotta have patience with the little ones). But the most important thing I’ve learned is how to Love my children the way they Love me. They’re dependent on me and I’m dependent on them. They’re my drug of choice now. They give me the strength to do things I might have quit on if I didn’t have them in my life.
Now that Baby #5 is coming, I’m a little smarter, a little more patient and a little more responsible. Having kids is very rewarding, but it also takes strength to make sure you give them nothing but the best Love, wisdom and advice. With baby #5, I’m a little better of a father because I have learned from mistakes I made with my older kids. I try not to feel guilty about past mistakes but focus on being the best father I can be, especially with the new one coming.
For the first time, my wife and I haven’t found out the sex of the baby. We thought our last child would be celebrated by not knowing the sex until the baby is born. It’s killing me not to know, but I will enjoy the surprise that’s in store for me. So with baby #5, I promise to be a better father for him/her, and a better father for the other 4. Because…. They ARE my life. It’s damn true.


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