Misconception of Pro Wrestling

Pro-Wrestling-Misconception-Kurt-Angle-Official-BlogThe subject of whether pro wrestling is “fake” or not seems to be a hot topic!  Is it real?  Is it fake?  Is it choreographed?  Is there a predetermined finish?

Well, to those of you that don’t know pro wrestling, or even care to know (ehem….Dana White), it is a little bit of ALL of the above!  The misconception that it is 100% fake is completely ignorant to what pro wrestling is to millions and millions of passionate fans…entertainment!

I’ve participated in many sports, including Olympic Wrestling and Football. Those sports are brutal. But I’ve never been so beat up, banged up and injured from any other sport that I have taken part in like I have in pro wrestling. You see, although the finishes may be pre-determined, the fight is real.  We endure vicious punishment during these matches. If you can’t appreciate this, then you don’t deserve to comment on it, because you truly don’t understand.

So, to the naysayers out there, do your thing, pro wrestling fans will continue to do theirs and this world may be just a little less stressful.  Can’t we just all get along? LOL.


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