Facebook Fan Questions~04/17

Have you ever considered having your own school to train amateur and professional wrestlers?  ~ Yes I am. I’m starting a wrestling school with my family this year. Age groups are 6-17 years old. It’s strictly amateur wrestling. Going back to my roots.

Did you ever get offered to go back to the Olympics or coach? ~ I have been offered coaching jobs. Olympics pre Olympic and college. I Love to coach but I feel my gift is with younger talent. Kids. Developing them into champions.

I’ve always wondered, how did you break your neck? ~ I first broke my neck in 1996 during Olympic qualifier. I was thrown on to my head. I had to continue wrestling through the trials not knowing it was broken. When I found out it was broken, I still had to compete at Olympics. The rest is history.

You think you would have had a good chance as an UFC fighter 10 years ago? ~  talked to Dana White of UFC twice, in 2006 and in 2010. Unfortunately we could not come to terms. It was more my doing than his. Dana was very generous to me. I just felt that I needed more time to train before I competed.

Favorite Primanti sandwich? ~ My favorite Primanti’s Sandwich is anything that entails fries, cole slaw and the is amazing bread. Any of the sandwiches are great. I mix it up.

Can you say that you make your next life all the same things like in this life? Are you 100 % proud of your life? ~ I am proud of my life. My accomplishments. There are things I regret but if I didn’t make the mistakes I did, I wouldn’t be the man I am. I learned from the good and bad. I Love the life I have now

Did you come up with the three I’s? ~  Intensity integrity intelligence. I did not come up with the 3 I’s. I Believe it was Vince Mcmahon’s idea. I heard he got it from a TV show with Michael J Fox

Would you be willing to train people to wrestle? ~ I would Love to train others to wrestle, both pro and amateur. I will start with amateur this year. Someday I will help others learn the craft of pro wrestling. There’s nobody better than me from every perspective. Technique psychology etc…. I’m Blessed to have the ability to teach others.


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