Facebook Fan Q&A ~May 5th

Why don’t you open a wrestling school in Pittsburgh? I am opening a wrestling school this year for amateur wrestlers. I want to train the next Olympic Champion out of western Pennsylvania. I’m considering a pro school in the future, but my focus is on Olympic Style for now.

How did you decide for the “ankle lock” to be your finisher at the start of your career? I started using the ankle lock when Ken Shamrock retired from WWE. I loved his intensity and he was as intense as I am. Shamrock is a bad ass and I liked his character in WWE.

Favorite Comic Book heroes? If you could be in a comic book movie, which one, why? I’m a huge fan of Captain America, probably because I love my country so much. I felt like Captain America when I won Gold in the Olympics. A close 2nd is Incredible Hulk, because I grew up watching Lou Ferrigno as “the Hulk”.

Who was the best technical wrestler you ever shared a match with? My best opponents technically have been Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels,  AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. But there are so many other great wrestlers that are amazing to wrestle and their technique is sound.

Would you ever consider a movie career? I’m in in the process of moving to my acting career. I love performing. I just signed with APA, one of the best agencies, so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Where are your favorite crowds to perform in front of? My favorite crowds are in so many cities for many reasons, but NYC appears to have the best group of fans. Boston, Chicago, LA, Philly, Montreal, Toronto, London England and Tokyo Japan are all incredible. A surprising city is San Antonio. But there are so many other cities that are passionate. Pro Wrestling is blessed to have such an amazing following. My hometown of Pittsburgh is pretty awesome too.

What move did you use do win the gold medal? I used many moves but the real technique was to get my opponents tired and not make any mistakes. U need to wrestle flawlessly if ur gonna win gold.

Who was the first person to refer to you as a cyborg and is it true its because of your work ethic in the gym/on the mat? The other wrestlers in TNA gave me my nickname, Cyborg because I never fatigue and I bounce back from injury quickly. I kind of like it. I’ve always been known to wear out my opponents.

Do have a pre match ritual or a series of things you do to prepare for a match? Yes I do, I pray first for the safety of the wrestlers and to give my very best. I stretch thoroughly and then visualize what my match will look like.


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