Facebook Fan Q&A 8/26/16

If you could fight Bill Goldberg, Brock Lesner, or Triple H, who would you pick?  I think all 3 are exceptional, but I’ve never faced Bill….so I’ll say Goldberg.

Do you agree with Bret Hart’s comments about Seth Rollins?  I don’t know what Bret said, but Seth is one of 3 best today. Period!

Any movies you could recommend?  Yes. Warrior…Dylan Dog…Pain and Gain…Lol. I’m in them (among others). Actually, Warrior has a great story.

What do you eat for breakfast?  Egg whites and oatmeal. Great mix of protein and complex carbs.

Have you traveled to Dubai or India?  Been to both many times. I traveled with USO to Dubai. And I’ve been to India 4 times with TNA Tour. Enjoyed both parts of the world.

What’s your heritage?  I’m a mutt. Italian. Irish. English. German. Lithuanian.

What do you love most about being a dad?  Watching my kids learn and evolve, seeing them create their own personalities, and watching them eat. Love it.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk’s UFC Debut?  I think he will do well if he’s healthy. We will see. Hope he actually fights this time. Training is a bitch and injuries occur. He needs to taper down and stay healthy.

What is your favorite horror film?  My favorite horror film now is The Boy. Creeeeeeeepy.

What kind of Asics were you wearing when you won the gold medal? Were they just for team USA?  Dan Gables, of course, he’s the man. Always will be!

What do you think of the wrestling circuit and scene in the UK and how does it compare to the likes of ROH in the US?  UK wrestling has stepped it up. Every bit as good as any other promotions, they’re great!

What are your best memories of working with Chyna? And what kind of legacy do you think she left?  Chyna was a pioneer for women. My fave was wrestling her and Eddie in a triple threat.


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